52 “tri-s” in 52 weeks

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to do something new every week for each week in 2016. It is a combination of some random skills that I’ve read everyone should know how to do, a few goofy challenges, and things I’ve genuinely always wanted to tri.

SO here is my final 52 tri-s in 52 weeks list. I’m not going to try to stick with it in this order but am attempting to knock off one each week until 2017! You can check on the status of what I’ve done on my new “52 tri-s ” page. Each of these things are brand spankin’ new things I’ve never done.

  1. Play a song on the ukelele 2/2/16 I’m Yours, Jason Maraz
  2. Make a fire like a caveman
  3. Jump start a car
  4. Change a tire on a car
  5. Change my wiper blades on my car(clearly I’m not so car savvy)
  6. Tie 5 different knots
  7. Take cold showers for a week
  8. Write a children’s book (words/illustrations)
  9. Journal every day for a week
  10. Volunteer
  11. Write a 10 page e-book and upload to amazon
  12. Solve a rubix cube
  13. Ride a segway
  14. Make a candle
  15. Eat 6 saltines in a minute
  16. Do an acroyoga pose
  17. Open a wine bottle without a wine bottle opener
  18. Write letters to my friends with 10 reasons I love them
  19. Be a part of a live studio audience
  20. Make a 30 before 30 list (a list in a list, WHAT!?)
  21. Take an art class
  22. Avoid wearing “real” pants for a week 2/9/16 So many leggings!
  23. Take a spontaneous trip Chicago 1-6-16
  24. Take a blog course Thank you Blogelina.com! 1/21/16
  25. Fix my own bike tire Peasantman bike clinic 5/4/16
  26. Go TV-less for a week You can read about that here! 4/18-4/24
  27. Play a round of golf
  28. Peel an egg with one hand
  29. Run a half marathon
  30. Do a duck call Thanks Steven! 3/17/16
  31. Run the entire Mall Week 1/14/16
  32. Clean up/Organize the entire apartment- Week 1/7/16

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  33. Re-learn to drive a manual car (I was very bad when I learned in high school)
  34. Speed Read
  35. Recall every country in the world by memory
  36. Whistle with my fingers
  37. Learn how to tell how much time is left before sunset without a clock
  38. Write a letter in calligraphy
  39. Cook a soufflé
  40. Knit a piece of clothing
  41. Learn a non-card magic trick
  42. Do a back flip
  43. Play poker
  44. Memorize every president and their vice president
  45. Learn my rights during a police stop
  46. Don’t spend any money for a week
  47. Make something out of a glass bottle
  48. Do a beer mile
  49. Read the last Harry Potter (I know, I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t done this.)
  50. Use every Instagram filter with a related picture
  51. Learn 10 new vocabulary words every day for a week
  52. Set a 1 goal for every year for the next 50 years