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The Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: Cost Planning

Happy Days All! Having been planning a wedding the last couple months, I came to a stark realization; Pinterest was designed to make normal humans, like me, feel incredibly inadequate and unrefined. As I stumbled across photos that captured the release of some vibrant butterflies into a pristine blue sky during a beautiful couple’s vows, all I could think of was 1) how long were those poor butterflies in the boxes and 2) where does one order such a pristine clear blue sky for their wedding? The madness must stop! So today, I bring you the first installment of my Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: A real life, rustic (and no I don’t mean the beautiful rustic with the burlap and tin, I mean the “rustic” like when your cat accidentally sits on your un-baked pie crust but you serve it anyways) version of wedding planning. Today’s topic is wedding costs. I’ll start by saying, disclaimer– I pass no judgement on how much anyone does or doesn’t spend on their wedding. What I’ve …


Why We Decided to Get Married

Hello interweb! As many people have probably already stated, I can’t believe its already 2018! I say that every year, but this year has a bit more weight to it because well, Steven and I are getting hitched in about 4 months. All of last year, I could say “we still have time, it’s next year” blah blah blah. I clearly don’t have a basic understanding for how time works because while it was technically “next year” it was never 12 months away. And here we are, 4 months away and uh, there is a lot to be done. Anywho, in an attempt to procrastinate more, I’m starting up a section with my friends from WeddingWire to document some of my experiences, some resources I’ve found helpful and everything wedding planning leading up to the big day. I hope you enjoy it because I’m likely developing an ulcer writing it. But before we get into all the DIYs, dresses, venues etc, I figured it might be nice to share our engagement story in a 2 …