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Crockpot Talk: Chicken Edition

Since we got Noodle a little over a month ago a lot has changed. We now spend everyday trying to keep a puppy alive We go up and down the elevator about 16 times in a 24 hour period The conversation in our apartment is mostly about the consistency of Noodle’s most recent poop, if we think she is happy and how long it’ll be until she doesn’t have to go potty 16 times a day We have made dinner at home almost every single night I’ll chronicle Noodle’s arrival and give you all an update on her in a later post. To accurately describe our first experience with our puppy love needs some real dedication. And, honestly, Noodle is about all I think about so this is a nice break! Ok, ok. 1 pic. Ok 3 pics. The point of today’s post is to show you how a 6 hour crock pot chicken can feed you dinner for almost an entire week. Disclaimer: I accidentally stumbled upon these tips in my attempt to never leave Noodle’s side…a very healthy mentality, I know. Has …