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The Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: Feeling good, inside and out.

Hello internet humans!

I’ve found myself here once again procrastinating from wedding planning by ironically….writing a wedding post.

When I bought my dress, I was thrilled to feel like it fit me almost perfectly. Sure, the dress was made for someone 6 inches taller and my gut stuck out like a belly does after a bunch of beers on Superbowl Sunday but they have seamstresses that exist to fix hems, and exercises to fix the gut. So a seamstress I found and exercise, I did.

I didn’t do this whole health journey just because I was getting married…I can prove it! This blog, dedicated to fitness, food and fun started in 2015! However, having a wedding date seemed to set a great timeline to really kick myself into gear. Aside from wanting to look nice on the big day, I wanted to feel good.

I completed Whole30 in January which gave me a great head start on good habits– you can read all about that journey here. After I lost some initial weight that had me feeling good, I knew I had to get back into a workout regimen that I could stick with until the big day. Normally, I’m a big cardio lady but I wanted to tone up a bit and feel stronger. I was on WeddingWire’s bride forum for health and got so many great ideas about how I would put together my own routine. Here are a few of the suggestions I acted on.

I saw someone mention a great ClassPass promotion that was going on nearing the begining of the year; 2 (free) weeks to galavant around the DMV trying out all these boutique studios that were too expensive for me to go 1 off. After week 1, I was hooked and immediately signed up for the largest class package they had. ClassPass works on a credit system so you have a lot of control on how many classes you take. For example, a session at Golds gym may cost you as little as 3 credits whereas a barre boutique studio at a prime time (5pm-7pm ish) may cost you 9 credits. I love the flexibility ClassPass gives you in terms of location, workouts and time. Currently, my week consists of 3-5 classes ranging from barre to interval training. Being active in a group setting is really motivating for me so aside from getting a great workout, it also keep boredom at bay.


TRX at LavaBarre



Revolve bikes

Revolve Cycle


Elevate60 Fitness

Incorporating more Yoga

I wouldn’t call myself a Yogi by any means but I do enjoy practicing. In one of the forums, I read about how much this person gained from incorporating yoga into their workout routine regularly.

I saw this random person on the WeddingWire forum do yoga, so I did yoga….

I saw cady heron

courtesy of eonline

Not only did this help me physically, but it also helped me mentally in times when wedding planning took over my life and I started commenting on how my office walls were more of an ivory than a cream.

Listening to this Badass Lady

“First, you are a bride, no matter what you look like. I hope your motivation is for long term health and wellness, as there are too many women obsessed with looking perfect for their weddings and end up doing things that aren’t healthy.”

#Preach. I like to think of myself of someone who is smart not to put myself in any danger but I have definitely thought about quick fixes that wouldn’t be great for my long term health. I want to find this lady and give her a hug.

I had my first and last dress fitting this past weekend and luckily the dress fit the same “almost perfect” as it did before. The seamstress did take up the hem and my exercise did take away 4/7 Super-Bowl-Belly-Gut-Beers but also gave me a new found happiness about being healthy, making good choices and feeling good when I say “I do”.

Check out WeddingWire for more health advice from real brides and plenty of other topics!

Happy Tri-ing!


The Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: Dress Shopping

Hello Interweb!

Apologies for the hiatus. With wedding planning, work, working out amongst other things, I seemed to have lost all sense of time!

So today, to distract me from all of the details I’m supposed to be ironing out, I wanted to hand out some unsolicited advice on a big one…

Dress Shopping.

Dress shopping for me was something that fell on the back burner on my list of priorities for the wedding. In my last Clumsy Bride post, I talked about how priorities for people are all very different (obviously) and how it is really important while on a budget to make a list and figure out what your “must haves” are and be willing to compromise on everything else.

The dress for me was “everything else.”

I think this comes as shock to many people when I tell them my sentiments on dresses but for me, it is something I’ll wear once and while yes, I want to look baller, I also care way more about booze and music than I do about how I look. Sorry Steven!

However, I also thought it would be an awesome opportunity to get to have some special moments with my mom and sister so having at least 1 dress shopping experience for me was important. I did get to have my first (of many) dress shopping trips with my mom and sis which was awesome. After that, it was a whirlwind lace, tulle and silhouettes… a whirlwind I will be glad never to enter into again. SO for all the brides to be out there who are looking to dress shop here are some of my tips.

Figure out a budget
Yes, for all of us that have seen “Say Yes to the Dress” we know how important this cardinal rule is. However, in the midst of convincing sales ladies, swanky boutiques and beautiful dresses, it is easy to stray. Besides not having to offer your first born for that dress that is slightly out of reach, keeping a budget also LIMITS the number of dresses you’ll have to look at and trust me, that is KEY. The less you have to look at, the better. Just remember: wedding dresses are not always whiter on the other side.

That Beautiful Crying Moment Doesn’t Happen For Everyone
It took a few dress shopping trips for me to realize this one. I kept feeling like I wasn’t ever going to find a dress because I was no where near tears at any of the dresses I tried on….this coming from the lady who has cried in almost every pixar movie there ever was. Since I wasn’t even remotely emotional about what I was seeing in those beautiful boutique mirrors, I was convinced I had to keep looking. Then it dawned on me: I don’t really care about the dress…so why would it make me cry? Bingo! We cannot hold our bridal/wedding experience against those of someone else’s. Our experiences should be as different as we are.

Esty is the best…y!
After shopping around and not finding anything that quite fit my style, I headed to my favorite place on planet Internet: Etsy. There are SO many amazing dress makers on Etsy who will custom create a dress for you for a FRACTION of the price you’ll find in any boutique. I bought a dress, that I custom made with a designer for… $300. I ended up returning the dress but not because of quality; the dress ended up not suiting me (turns out I’m not a 6 ft 100 lb model like the photo.) If you are open to creating and willing to take a risk, try Etsy out. Its where dreams (and dresses) come true!

Stay True to You
Again, if you are a follower of Say Yes to the Dress, you will know opinions can cloud even the most rational human’s judgement. With your entourage, bridal consultant and random bride in the dressing room next to you, you are bound to hear a LOT of different opinions, and that isn’t a BAD thing but you do need to know how to filter them. There will be a million beautiful dresses, details and things you like about dresses. Just keep in mind which of these beautiful things suit you and are true to your vision!

Find a Few Designers that Represent a Style you Like
To reiterate….there are a bazillion wedding dresses in existence. To look at them all will make your eyes bleed and head explode. To help narrow your focus (and make your bridal appointments more productive) find a few designers that represent a style/look you enjoy. Being able to point to these designers will give bridal consultants an idea of what you like, even if you can’t articulate it yourself (like me.) One thing that was super helpful for me was using Wedding Wire’s Wedding Dress page. This page has so many filter options that will help narrow your focus into something manageable as you navigate the sea of white, ivory and cream. Check it out to discover lots of designers you may have never heard of before!

Thanks to my friends at Wedding Wire for sponsoring this post and for being a life saver in the dress department (and overall wedding planning). I will reveal the dress after the big day! In the meantime, you can check out my “fake wedding” dress in this Wedding Wire Commercial!

Happy Tri-ing!


Since I’ve started ClassPass I’ve been hitting up a lot of the same spots: barre3, Ryde (you can read my review on that here) and some yoga. While I love my staple spaces, I have been really jones’in to get back to my lax days and get my butt kicked with some interval style workouts.

You know, burpess, ropes, weights, flinging a keg over a bar. The norm.

I found a few spaces near me in Arlington but was hesitant to go since:
1) I haven’t done that kind of workout in awhile and
2) Even when I was in my college prime…I was pretty bad at them. Sorry coach!

All the classes I was looking at were about an hour long and I just envisioned myself sucking wind and then having to have someone put wind into me in the form of CPR when I passed out. I finally found one where one of the reviews said “for all fitness levels” and just booked it. Go me!

I dragged my friend, Robbie, along with me because I didn’t want to die alone and am so glad I did! It’s always better to suffer together.

Elevate60 (E60) incorporates HIIT, Resistance training, cardio, plyometrics and “military style” training into one, 60 minute class. The class is split into a few different groups that each begin at a station and then rotate every 10 minutes-ish until every group has completed every station. There was also a warm up and a cool down.

The day that Robbie and I went was thankfully arm day. Because my arms are so strong…. insert eye rolling emoji here.

After 5 minutes of some dynamic stretching and getting our heart rates up, we went to our first stations.

My group was composed of 4 people (including myself) and started on rowing machine. Our set was as follows.

200m moderate pace
100m sprinting
8 plank tricep kick backs (each arm)
Repeat until time runs out

I have been on an erg probably 2 times in my life and have always thought they looked really enjoyable. I must have been drunk those 2 times because this was way more exhausting than I remember. My heart rate was going and I was definitely out of breath.

Oh I forgot to mention, we were hooked up to a heart rate monitor that displayed our HR and calories burned on a few screens throughout the gym. Hurray accountability!

The next station we went to used resistance bands for…you guessed it…more arm work!
12 Ys
12 Bicep Curls
12 chest presses
6 Walk out push ups
Repeat until your arms feel like noodles

We then continued on to our next station which involved cardio again:

.25 miles moderate pace on a 1.5 incline
8 tricep pushups
.15 sprinting pace on a 3 incline
8 wide pushups
Repeat until you get flung off your treadmill

Our last set was on an inclined bench with weights:
10 chest presses
10 overhead presses
10 rows
60 high knees
Repeat until you collapse

After our stations were over, we partnered up to do some bicep curls with a bench bar (I had a 20lb bar while Robbie dangled with a 45) and finally finished the class with a partner exercise: one partner was using a plate to do more arm work while the other did a series of dips, toe taps and jumps, then we switched.

FINALLY we cooled down.


Yes, blurry photo but just about sums up how I felt in the end.

Overall, loved the class– it flew by, had a ton of variety and had that great group fitness class juju. I’ll definitely be back! A few people who were taking the class with us let me know that they’ve never been to 2 classes that have been alike which is definitely appealing to me. If you’re up to push yourself, have fun and get a good sweat on, check it out!

In a snapshot:
Cost: Single session-$25, 5 pack-$99 10-pack $179. They also have monthly prices here. Promotion: Free first class!
What to wear/bring: Whatever you like to work out in plus some water! There are cubbies (no locks) you can keep your stuff in.
Other shtuff: Walkable from the Rosslyn metro and street parking available! Bring a friend for some extra motivation! I believe you are emailed your results from the HR monitor after class but for some reason I didn’t receive mine– might have been a ClassPass thing but I’ll double check!



The Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: Cost Planning

Happy Days All!

Having been planning a wedding the last couple months, I came to a stark realization; Pinterest was designed to make normal humans, like me, feel incredibly inadequate and unrefined. As I stumbled across photos that captured the release of some vibrant butterflies into a pristine blue sky during a beautiful couple’s vows, all I could think of was 1) how long were those poor butterflies in the boxes and 2) where does one order such a pristine clear blue sky for their wedding?

The madness must stop! So today, I bring you the first installment of my Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: A real life, rustic (and no I don’t mean the beautiful rustic with the burlap and tin, I mean the “rustic” like when your cat accidentally sits on your un-baked pie crust but you serve it anyways) version of wedding planning. Today’s topic is wedding costs.

I’ll start by saying, disclaimer– I pass no judgement on how much anyone does or doesn’t spend on their wedding. What I’ve realized, first and foremost while planning my own wedding, is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to have a wedding. There are so many expectations of what you SHOULD do but I say to hell with it! Do it your way, that way if everyone else hates it, at least you know 1 person who likes it!

Categorize your priorities

When we began creating our budget, we inadvertently created a priorities list. For example: at one point I think we allotted 25% of our budget toward alcoholic beverages and less than 1% of the budget on my dress and decorations. These obviously weren’t going to end up being the real amount of $ spent, but it did show us one thing at a glance: having an abundance of booze was more important than the way the venue (or I) were going to look. #Priorities.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.46.39 PM

We did this with the rest of the categories we found via and pretty easily came up with a list that we felt good about with our “must haves” at the top (great music, food and booze) and our “can leave out” at the bottom (flowers, party favors and cake.) This made it SUPER easy to just cut out the bottom of the list (because why spend money on stuff you really don’t care about) and put that money towards the items that were more important to us.

I say this now having looked and thought…and thought…and thought….about all of the items on the list and went back and fourth a little bit after speaking to other brides/friends/dogs/strangers. But if I have any advice for you about your priorities list, have confidence in what YOU want.

Visit your Venue’s most expensive to least expensive. 

Steven and I looked at a dozen wedding venues online and then narrowed it down to about 3 that we would visit. We didn’t mean to, but we ended up visiting the most expensive one first and the cheapest one last which worked out GREAT. At the most expensive venue, you can see how much you get for a price tag at the top of your budget. During this visit, you will likely learn more about what is and isn’t included in the price tag and how they charge.

Tip: Before you go, work on keeping your facial expressions completely neutral even when you hear shocking news so you can keep a straight face when the venue tells you they charge an extra 8 dollars for anyone who walks in who has a head and an extra 3 dollars if they have hair on that head. 

A good example of understanding cost: While a venue may not charge for the space rental, they may charge a really high cost per person or require that your 20% of your guests stay at the hotel for a minimum for 2 nights. Another example is that a price tag that you see online may only be bare bones and anything extra you want with cost X (now making that venue out of your price range). Because we visited the most expensive first with all of the fixings, and the cheapest one last, we were able to easily see what we would not be getting as our visits continued and if we really cared about it!  Again, it really comes down to your priority list. After a day of high price tags, fancy chandeliers, shiny marble floors and a big headache, we ended up choosing our last venue, the simplest of the three, because we realized….we’re pretty simple!

Give yourself wiggle room

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.44.44 PM

Wedding costs are never what you think they are. When you decide on your budget, subtract 20% of it. Try to work within that lower number because there are a lot of costs that don’t show on the price tag. The chairs come with the venue, right? No. The caterer cost includes gratuity , correct? No. I’m not saying it is unfair– a venue can’t just have an unlimited supply of chairs sitting around and your caterers deserve to be tipped! They are just costs that are a bit sneaky that can end up throwing off your perfectly planned budget. Keep a chunk to the side to help cover the costs so you aren’t surprised in the end!

Do what you can and be proud!

Everyone’s budgetary limits are different and that is OK! If things get overwhelming and the costs keep climbing, try not to fret! Yes, while this is an important day just remember, the BIGGEST success is that you’ve found someone to put up with you for the rest of your life. The rest is just icing on top of the cake. Remember, YOU are throwing a party for all of your friends/family…and they are there for YOU and your partner. Not the cake, not the decorations…maybe the booze, but mostly YOU. Have a wedding the way you want it and be proud of the amazing party, no matter how small or big, and be proud!

Thanks for my friends at WeddingWire for helping out with this blog post! If you want to see more budget resources, check out their Wedding Cost Guide to help you along the way!

Happy Tri-ing!

Ryde by Revolve– Clarendon

I have been wanting to try ClassPass for probably 2 years. I loved watching my favorite fitness Instagramers get to try all different types of workouts on a “budget”. Classes including surfing, trampoline, aqua-biking and paddle-board yoga had me ready to jump on the CP wagon. Unfortunately, when I went to check out D.C’s ClassPass offerings, I was slightly disappointed, being met with a majority of barre and pilates studios (which I wasn’t a huge fan of).

Now, I’m an older, more open minded, not cardio-centric, Sunnie and I’m ready to tackle every barre, pilates, spinning, pole dancing, karate, boxing studio in Arlington and DC! Ok, maybe not all of them, but a lot of them!

If you are interested in trying ClassPass, you can use my link here to get $40 off! (Not sponsored. Just some free $$!)

I chose Ryde by Revolve as my first ClassPass…class because I love spinning. I love the darkness, the music and the I-just-ran-to-grab-the-last-slice-of-pizza out of breath-ness spinning gives me and this ride was no exception.

Located in Clarendon, Ryde is tucked away on a side street inbetween a bakery and a wine bar…hold on…I feel a song coming on…

Donuts and cookies and sugar and sprinkles
Merlot and and Chardonnay that make me go tinkles,
Cycling and dancing and and an instructor who sings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

We now return you to your regular programming.

There is limited street parking so I ended up a block away in the Trader Joe’s garage. This garage costs $6 for the first hour unless you get it validated at TJs (then it’s freeeee). I did end up doing some grocery shopping after class for a few things I needed: bananas, coffee and validated parking to be specific.

There were already a dozen people ready to get into the studio so I quickly checked my name off the list, grabbed some shoes (free for your first visit, 2$ a rental after that) and put my gear in the provided lockers. Not sure if it was a ClassPass glitch, but I didn’t get to choose my bike which was fine, but something for you to note.

In the studio, there were lots of friendly employees who were happy to help adjust the bikes to everyone’s size and teach beginners how to clip in because what is more terrifying than trying to clip in in the dark during your first spin class?? Nothing. I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it.

This specific ride was Bruno Mars vs Justin Timberlake themed. The class was overwhelmingly pro Bruno Mars. Guess people were unimpressed by Justin’s Super Bowl performance..but who can blame them when we all know the Giants “time of your life” commercial really stole the show.

Revolve bikes

The ride was 45 minutes and had a great combination of work in the saddle, outside the saddle, sprints and climbs. There was some tapping back and dancing involved but you could easily continue the ride without engaging those elements if that isn’t your cup of tea. There was also a song dedicated to some weight work with your arms as well which I always find difficult.

Overall, I had a great ride and will be back to Ryde again at Revolve! Important note: they offer fruit after class which was the clementine on top a great ride. Who doesn’t love a good clemmy? On the weekends, they also have fun a fun flapjacks and tapbacks class that concludes with some pancakes and mimosas!

A cool perk I found in researching more about Revolve is that they have a membership package that costs much less than many other boutique cycling studios out there; a package that is unlimited AM rides (“Rise and Shine membership) for $80 a month. SO, if you are an early riser, this may be perfect for you!

In a snapshot:
Ryde at Revolve
Cost: 1 ride= $24.00, 5 pack= $105.00 10 pack= $195.00, 20 pack= $325.00
Promotion: Buy 1 get 1 intro ride for $24.00 (new clients only!)
What to wear/bring: spandex, clip in shoes (SPD and LOOK delta clips– you can rent these for $2), water bottle. Towels are provided.
Other shtuff: Parking is limited (you could try my Trader Joe’s hack) but is just a 5 minute walk from the Clarendon metro stop! Lots of great eats/drinks nearby!



Whole30 Week 2


Week 2 is over which means we are more than halfway done with our 2nd Whole30 Challenge, AND we have officially beaten our previous, sad, old record of 14 days. I’m also happy to announce there has been no plate sniffing or crumb inspecting (although there has been copious amounts of talk about what our first meal back is going to be. I say hamburger, Steven says Pizza).

Overall, things are going well. My clothes are starting to not feel like they are suffocating my entire body which is a real plus. I’m also still feeling up for cooking which is shocking considering it has been SIXTEEN DAYS of consecutive cooking which I think is a world record in this house. AND sixteen days of no alcohol which is a even more shocking.

Something that has been really helping us be successful this time around has been Instagram. I follow a few accounts pretty religiously and they all have amazing recipes that have really inspired our meals. A few of my favorites:

No Crumbs Left
Instagram: @nocrumbsleft
Terri at No Crumbs Left is a magician. She creates amazing meals that are pretty simple, aesthetically pleasing and she is really great at interacting with her audience. I sent her a DM asking a question on how to use some leftover oil from her marinated red onions and she got back to me in like 5 seconds and posted a highlight story so I could see what she was talking about! She is also really well known for her “magic elixirs”: simple concoctions that really elevate a meal (like her marinated red onions…I put them on e v e r y t h i n g.)

Primal Gourmet
Instagram: @Primal_Gourmet
Ronny at Primal Gourmet has such a fun Instagram account. Not only are his recipes delicious (and amazing looking) but his humor and use of Instagram stories has been a real saving grace this Whole30. He has some great little tips for cooking healthy food like massaging olive oil and lemon juice into finely chopped kale…trust me, just try it. Also his video editing and knife skills are impressive and mesmerizing.

Jays Baking Me Crazy
Instagram: @Jays_Bakingmecrazy
Steven actually sent me one of Jessica at Jays Baking Me Crazy’s recipes and it sent me down a rabbit whole(30). She makes some amazing Paleo, Whole30 and low FODMAP recipes that I am loving. Her recipes aren’t super elaborate which means I usually have the ingredients at home (or close to it) meaning less fuss and more food! She is also really responsive on Instagram if you have questions.

Instagram: @nomnompaleo
Michelle at Nomnompaleo is seriously great, ESPECIALLY if you, like me, are obsessed with the Instant Pot (more on that later). She loves finding shortcuts that save you time and don’t compromise flavor. She is super popular (she even has a section at the Whole Foods hot bar for her delicious Paleo meals), has a few books and a really successful blog. A staple to follow if you are interested in Whole30!

A few more of our eats from this week:


Marinated Red Onions (No Crumbs Left)


Cuban Picadillo with Potatoes (Jays Baking me Crazy) and a Poached Egg


Beef Chilli (Nomnompaleo)


Everything Soup (Carrots, potatoes, butternut squash)


Sausage Gravy over Potatoes (Jay’s Baking Me Crazy) and Scrambled Eggs


Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice (Jay’s Baking me Crazy)

That’s all for now! If you have any other healthy food blog favorites, let me know!

Happy Tri-ing!

Whole30 Week 1


Today, I thought I’d bring to you a recap of our second, first week of Whole30! (You can read about our original Whole14 here). I’d like to think I’m doing this post because I think you might be interested in reading about it but mostly, I’m avoiding having to write a nicely detailed post at the end. Sorry, not sorry.

Current Status: Sassy

Actually, all is going pretty well! I did stay home from work on Thursday because I actually thought I was dying but besides that, all good. I read on the Whole30 blog that it is important not to credit everything good happening to Whole30 (“WOO, THERE WILL BE A SEASON 3 OF STRANGER THINGS, THANKS WHOLE30!”) and in the same breath, you can’t blame everything negative on Whole30 (“I FEEL LIKE I’M DYING, TO HELL WITH YOU WHOLE30!)

That was day 4 for me and I was feeling terrible. My whole body was aching, I was nauseous, my head hurt and my legs…oh my gosh my legs.

You know the feeling back in 4th grade when you were doing v-sit and reach and you hadn’t yet reached your ankles but your legs felt like rubber bands about to snap and your gym teacher just kept telling you to “KEEP TRYING” and you’re like “I WASN’T MADE FOR THIS MR GARDZEL!”  It was like that, constant burning, aching and feeling like your legs were going to tear in half for like 24 hours.

But besides that, it’s all been good!

This time around, we were smarter about how we were going to go about completing all 30 days. Here are a few things we have done differently:

Bought Whole30 Compliant stuff:
Last year, I avoided buying the jar of Ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil, and almond butter I had seen in many Whole30 posts because well, I was being cheap. All three of those items have made our lives way easier.

Simplified Meals
I’m focusing on creating a blend of meals that vary in complexity. Last year, I suffered from WholeBurnOut, trying to make Whole30 meals that wouldn’t make us miss our favorite normal meals (like Shepherd’s pie, Cauliflower Pizza, Fish Tacos) all one after another. Since I wasn’t a big cook back then (look at me talking like I’m some iron chef) everything took forever and required a lot of concentration. This year, I’m mixing up the complexity of meals. Some nights are just a piece of meat with sides of vegetables. Other days when I have more time and feel like cooking something more interesting, its potato gnocchi.

Stocked the fridge
Our fridge is currently filled with meats and vegetables and our pantry has lots of whole30 compliant staples to help make sauces to top said meats and veggies. It makes it almost impossible to say “there is nothing to eat!” By trying to make sure none of the food goes bad and having so many options around, it makes wanting to go out absolutely not an option.

Instagraming a LOT
While yes, I am posting my own photos (follow me @JustTriItOnce!), this one actually is referring to all the AMAZING whole30 instagram accounts out there I am now following. There are so many great humans who are trying to make my cheese-less life more tasty and I’m so thankful for them. Instagram is a great place for straight up recipes, tips and inspiration for your own meals!

Those are the big changes this time around. We’ve had some real tasty meals this week! Here are a few:


There were a few more but I didn’t get to snap any photos. I’ll try to work on that for week 2. Also, begining to incorporate more physical activity for this coming week!

Overall, not feeling a ton different physically (I’ve actually felt a little more bloated in the last couple days) and I already told you about about the v-sit and reach legs. The biggest difference I have noticed is that my cravings for snacking and have plummeted and are almost non-existent. Also, I’m not ever really like waiting around for lunch or dinner time to come (usually I’m at my desk trying to wait till 12PM to go get lunch and will fold at like 10:37AM).

More updates next week! Follow @JustTriItOnce on instagram to follow more of the journey!

Happy Tri-ing!