Why Tri?

I don’t always think things through which can be disastrous (take for example the time I decided to shoot jelly beans out of nose and accidentally got one lodged up way to far) or it can be amazing (take for example the time I decided to take tap lessons and ended up loving it…although I am very bad).

Regardless of the jelly bean mishap, I embrace my impulsiveness; it led me to sign up and complete my first Triathlon which struck a real motivational chord within me. Unfortunately, that motivational chord usually only vibrates for a few days and then peters off into its normal, dormant state. I’ve lived that way, motivated on, motivated off, since I’ve graduated college. Since my lacrosse days ended and I don’t have anyone threatening me with sprints for being lazy, I’ve packed on a few pounds (yikes, try 20) and have felt pretty lethargic. But that isn’t me. I am adventurous, I am social and I am blessed to be healthy enough to seize everyday to the fullest if I wanted to.

So I’ve decided I want to.

This blog is dedicated to healthier eating, some weight loss, some training for some races (a few runs and some triathlons…get it….just TRI it once!) and just trying new things. So while I attempt to do all of these things, I’ve decided to share my journey with you if for nothing else than to provide you with some good recipes, workouts and laughs. Happy tri-ing!


One thought on “Why Tri?

  1. It seems I’m doing something similar with my blog – hoping it keeps me on track through my weight loss/fitness objectives for 2016. I wish you the best of luck!


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