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The. Big. Day.

Hello Interweb!

It has been many moons since I’ve posted. I figured what better post to come back with than a final recap of our wedding day, if only to heed 1 warning to every bride-to-be out there:

It is all gonna be okay.

I know you are probably getting wedding advice from every corner of the earth from people who are married, have been married, are engaged to be married or have heard of this thing called “getting married,” so this may just breeze right past you. But in the end, what I have come away with from my own experience is that you likely won’t remember a lot of the small stuff (even if you are having a dry wedding.) So just enjoy the day– no one will hate your wedding because the napkin swans look more like ducks.

Anywho, on to a recap!

IF there was one thing I was especially concerned about, it was the rain. Dear lord, did it rain.

2 weeks before our wedding it was pouring. I remember driving home from work with Steven and saying something like “welp, at least it is pouring now! The sky has to run out of rain at some point, right?”

The big man upstairs must have been especially annoyed with my lack of how weather works because then it proceeded to continue pouring for 2 weeks. I cared, not because I was afraid I was going to get wet or that our guests were going to get wet but because our entire wedding was slated to be outside and I was nervous that the grass, even with a tent over it, would be too saturated to be able to hold a dance floor….and the dance floor was going to hold our band.

And the band was #1.

Long story short, our wonderful coordinator Kayti and her husband David (owners of Mountain Run Winery) did everything they could (including shop vacing the grass) to make it work. The rain FINALLY stopped the morning of the wedding and the day proceeded.

My mom, with the help of my aunts took care of all of the decorations. I had given mama Ko limited instructions (which looking back probably caused her a lot of stress, sorry mom!) but she did an amazing job. I think the only thing I really told her was “minimal” which is a terrible word to help guide someone in coordinating decorations for the entire wedding. Needless to say she did take care of it all including the bouquet, boutonnieres and table settings. What a lady.



A big thank you to Steven and best man Jarrod for getting all the tables and chairs set up!


Our flowers were mainly baby’s breath, eucalyptus and some accent greenery. Since we were in a barn, we had to throw the burlap in there and I think the gold place and ivory place settings made everything look nice and clean. When people asked what my color scheme was for the wedding, I liked to say “nature” which I think was successfully achieved!

We didn’t have formal bridal parties but I did really want to honor and have those closest to me as an integral part of the day. I decided to call these women my “something blues,” requesting that they wear, you guessed it, something blue on the big day.

To request this, I sent them all an individual letter with a little blue bracelet I had customized on the etsy shop LeoandLovey

Something blue bracelet

The listing for the customized bracelet

Something Blue

The proof of the actual card

I loved writing each note and having a little token to give everyone. Having each woman pick her own “something blue” was so fun and I loved everyone’s different interpretations of bringing the color into their outfit.


Blue dresses, shoes, earrings, bracelets,  jackets and even a jumpsuit made this “Something Blue” crew amazing.


These ladies were invited to come get ready in the bridal suite, help with any last minute tasks (thankssss) and most importantly, celebrate.

My friend Michael (@MichaelandtheDiamonds on instagram) agreed to do my hair (along with a few other ladies.) He. is. amazing. We went with a classic low messy bun to accompany my custom made “fascinator” hairpiece I had made on etsy via Blair Nadeau Bridal. I loved the french lace and the delicate rose gold chains on the hair piece and it is definitely something I’d like to wear again the future. If you are looking for a hair piece (veils included) check her out– she is so easy to work with and her work is amazing. I wore a dress from BHLDN, shoes from TOMS annndddd while we’re at it, Steven’s suit from from Indochino.



They also had the important job of coordinating the first looks! I say looks plural because I had one with Steven and one with my mom.


And then the first look with Steven:


My favorite photos from the wedding…well aside from some of the gems from the reception which I can show you later!
We took all of our family/portrait photos before the wedding because we both really love cocktail hours and didn’t want to miss out on ours! We also had something else up our sleeves for cocktail hour, which I will again show you later (or you can just scroll down but then you’ll be a cheater!)

After a MILLION family photos, we were off to the bar!



Double-fisting with a bouquet and a stella.


Noodle made a cameo at the wedding via socks from the etsy store Divvy Up


Mountain Run Winery has a gorgeous little loft where we all hung out as the guests arrived.

Then finally it was showtime.

I wanted to have as many people involved in the wedding as possible. We were so lucky to have Steven’s brother in-law agreed to play guitar AND harmonica in our wedding. My sister did us the great honor of marrying us which was so special to me; she took the liberty of “interviewing” both me and Steven as well as some of our closest friends to truly paint a picture of our partnership. I loved this and I think everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it as well! While we had planned on getting married on the gorgeous overlook, the weather had other plans and so we ended up getting married in a small barn that was on the property. I couldn’t believe how the barn transformed from “storage” to the most magical place ever. It was cozy, intimate and the barn interior was truly unique.




One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when my mom and Steven’s mom a section from Vance Joy’s Fire and the Flood in Spanish, then Korean and then together in English.


After we were hitched, it was cocktail hour time! We had a pretty amazing spread provided by Shawn’s BBQ But don’t let the name fool you! While they do have pretty amazing BBQ they also do fully seated dinners (ours included, beef medallions, mango chicken or Moroccan couscous) along with delicious appetizers. Shawn’s provided our food, our linens, and the staff for both dinner and our bar and did a great job.

While everyone enjoyed cocktail hour, they also began to fill our “guest book” which was replacing their seating cards with a polaroid photo. I saw this idea on pinterest and loved having a special keepsake of everyone who attended the wedding– I plan on (eventually) setting up all the polaroids in a frame as our keepsake.

While everyone began getting their drinks and food, Steven and I ran back to the loft to get dressed for the next suprise: The Korean Traditional Ceremony.

While we didn’t do a full on ceremony, we did give everyone a short glimpse into some Korean culture. During this ceremony, we wore the traditional hanbok (traditional Korean wedding dress) which was so fun– my aunts from Korea brought us what I like to call our “marriage ducks” but I think they’re actually geese. Geese are monogamous birds that mate for life…so you can see the symbolism there. As silly as it seems, these are now one of my most prized possessions– I love them so much!


During the ceremony, our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles (basically all family) sit and offer us some wisdom while we bow to them. They then toss us some dates and chestnuts which we try to catch as many as we can. What I didn’t realize until after was the amount you catch equals the amounts of children we have. I think we got like 20…oh boy….boys….and girls…

We had some handouts describing the ceremony traditions and Genie MC’d the whole thing so that everyone would understand the meaning of it all. And thank goodness for that, because when we forgot about the end of the ceremony piggy back ride, everyone was quick to remind us!



Genie and my cousin Jonathon enjoying us bowing to them too much!

IMG_9290IMG_2528IMG_2531We all sat down for dinner and before I knew it, it was time for first dances! During our wedding planning, Steven and I knew we were going to be super awkward during a first dance so we actually took some lessons at Forever Dancing and learned, something that kind of, sort of, a little bit resembled the iconic Dirty Dancing dance. While we fumbled through most of it, we stuck the lift, which I think was probably the most important part.


Mom and I danced to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” and Steven and his mother danced to “How sweet it is to be loved by you.”

After, we got both loved on (and roasted by) the speeches (thanks Sarah and Jarrod!) it was time to party! Our band, the Bachelor Boys, did such a great job mixing up the music to give everyone (I hope!) a little something of what they wanted to hear.

The night went continued with more dancing, drinks (so many drinks) and joy.

Steven and I aren’t really cake people so we opted to rent an ice cream truck for dessert. Even though the ice cream truck was called Big D’s Pony Rides, it ended up working out great! The cost of renting the truck for a few hours and the ice cream ended up being more cost efficient than many of the cakes I briefly looked it.



One of my favorite pictures of the night!



Dickinson Women’s Lacrosse impromptu recreating our first year lip sync!

As much as I’d like to post every reception photo we had (they truly are all gems) I don’t want to destroy anyone’s chance of being employed sometime in the future. I’ll just say it was amazing. Our band, the Bachelor Boys were kind enough to let Steven and I close out with a wedding classic, “Don’t Stop Believin'”


And were kind enough to let me and Jabril take lead on one of my favorite songs, Valerie.



The  last picture of the night!

There was a lot of dancing, slipping, sliding and falling as the night went on and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! The wedding ended up being exactly like we wanted it: no frills, cheap thrills and so much love 🙂

A huge thank you to our families and friends for making this day amazing. I wish I could elaborate more on everyone who had a hand in helping because it all meant so much to us.

Photos courtesy of Dave Kauffman (who is also the best!!)

Happy Tri-ing,

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    I just got to reading this! 😍😍❤️❤️ The pictures are so beautiful!


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