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The Clumsy Lady’s Guide to Being a Bride: Feeling good, inside and out.

Hello internet humans!

I’ve found myself here once again procrastinating from wedding planning by ironically….writing a wedding post.

When I bought my dress, I was thrilled to feel like it fit me almost perfectly. Sure, the dress was made for someone 6 inches taller and my gut stuck out like a belly does after a bunch of beers on Superbowl Sunday but they have seamstresses that exist to fix hems, and exercises to fix the gut. So a seamstress I found and exercise, I did.

I didn’t do this whole health journey just because I was getting married…I can prove it! This blog, dedicated to fitness, food and fun started in 2015! However, having a wedding date seemed to set a great timeline to really kick myself into gear. Aside from wanting to look nice on the big day, I wanted to feel good.

I completed Whole30 in January which gave me a great head start on good habits– you can read all about that journey here. After I lost some initial weight that had me feeling good, I knew I had to get back into a workout regimen that I could stick with until the big day. Normally, I’m a big cardio lady but I wanted to tone up a bit and feel stronger. I was on WeddingWire’s bride forum for health and got so many great ideas about how I would put together my own routine. Here are a few of the suggestions I acted on.

I saw someone mention a great ClassPass promotion that was going on nearing the begining of the year; 2 (free) weeks to galavant around the DMV trying out all these boutique studios that were too expensive for me to go 1 off. After week 1, I was hooked and immediately signed up for the largest class package they had. ClassPass works on a credit system so you have a lot of control on how many classes you take. For example, a session at Golds gym may cost you as little as 3 credits whereas a barre boutique studio at a prime time (5pm-7pm ish) may cost you 9 credits. I love the flexibility ClassPass gives you in terms of location, workouts and time. Currently, my week consists of 3-5 classes ranging from barre to interval training. Being active in a group setting is really motivating for me so aside from getting a great workout, it also keep boredom at bay.


TRX at LavaBarre



Revolve bikes

Revolve Cycle


Elevate60 Fitness

Incorporating more Yoga

I wouldn’t call myself a Yogi by any means but I do enjoy practicing. In one of the forums, I read about how much this person gained from incorporating yoga into their workout routine regularly.

I saw this random person on the WeddingWire forum do yoga, so I did yoga….

I saw cady heron

courtesy of eonline

Not only did this help me physically, but it also helped me mentally in times when wedding planning took over my life and I started commenting on how my office walls were more of an ivory than a cream.

Listening to this Badass Lady

“First, you are a bride, no matter what you look like. I hope your motivation is for long term health and wellness, as there are too many women obsessed with looking perfect for their weddings and end up doing things that aren’t healthy.”

#Preach. I like to think of myself of someone who is smart not to put myself in any danger but I have definitely thought about quick fixes that wouldn’t be great for my long term health. I want to find this lady and give her a hug.

I had my first and last dress fitting this past weekend and luckily the dress fit the same “almost perfect” as it did before. The seamstress did take up the hem and my exercise did take away 4/7 Super-Bowl-Belly-Gut-Beers but also gave me a new found happiness about being healthy, making good choices and feeling good when I say “I do”.

Check out WeddingWire for more health advice from real brides and plenty of other topics!

Happy Tri-ing!

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