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Since I’ve started ClassPass I’ve been hitting up a lot of the same spots: barre3, Ryde (you can read my review on that here) and some yoga. While I love my staple spaces, I have been really jones’in to get back to my lax days and get my butt kicked with some interval style workouts.

You know, burpess, ropes, weights, flinging a keg over a bar. The norm.

I found a few spaces near me in Arlington but was hesitant to go since:
1) I haven’t done that kind of workout in awhile and
2) Even when I was in my college prime…I was pretty bad at them. Sorry coach!

All the classes I was looking at were about an hour long and I just envisioned myself sucking wind and then having to have someone put wind into me in the form of CPR when I passed out. I finally found one where one of the reviews said “for all fitness levels” and just booked it. Go me!

I dragged my friend, Robbie, along with me because I didn’t want to die alone and am so glad I did! It’s always better to suffer together.

Elevate60 (E60) incorporates HIIT, Resistance training, cardio, plyometrics and “military style” training into one, 60 minute class. The class is split into a few different groups that each begin at a station and then rotate every 10 minutes-ish until every group has completed every station. There was also a warm up and a cool down.

The day that Robbie and I went was thankfully arm day. Because my arms are so strong…. insert eye rolling emoji here.

After 5 minutes of some dynamic stretching and getting our heart rates up, we went to our first stations.

My group was composed of 4 people (including myself) and started on rowing machine. Our set was as follows.

200m moderate pace
100m sprinting
8 plank tricep kick backs (each arm)
Repeat until time runs out

I have been on an erg probably 2 times in my life and have always thought they looked really enjoyable. I must have been drunk those 2 times because this was way more exhausting than I remember. My heart rate was going and I was definitely out of breath.

Oh I forgot to mention, we were hooked up to a heart rate monitor that displayed our HR and calories burned on a few screens throughout the gym. Hurray accountability!

The next station we went to used resistance bands for…you guessed it…more arm work!
12 Ys
12 Bicep Curls
12 chest presses
6 Walk out push ups
Repeat until your arms feel like noodles

We then continued on to our next station which involved cardio again:

.25 miles moderate pace on a 1.5 incline
8 tricep pushups
.15 sprinting pace on a 3 incline
8 wide pushups
Repeat until you get flung off your treadmill

Our last set was on an inclined bench with weights:
10 chest presses
10 overhead presses
10 rows
60 high knees
Repeat until you collapse

After our stations were over, we partnered up to do some bicep curls with a bench bar (I had a 20lb bar while Robbie dangled with a 45) and finally finished the class with a partner exercise: one partner was using a plate to do more arm work while the other did a series of dips, toe taps and jumps, then we switched.

FINALLY we cooled down.


Yes, blurry photo but just about sums up how I felt in the end.

Overall, loved the class– it flew by, had a ton of variety and had that great group fitness class juju. I’ll definitely be back! A few people who were taking the class with us let me know that they’ve never been to 2 classes that have been alike which is definitely appealing to me. If you’re up to push yourself, have fun and get a good sweat on, check it out!

In a snapshot:
Cost: Single session-$25, 5 pack-$99 10-pack $179. They also have monthly prices here. Promotion: Free first class!
What to wear/bring: Whatever you like to work out in plus some water! There are cubbies (no locks) you can keep your stuff in.
Other shtuff: Walkable from the Rosslyn metro and street parking available! Bring a friend for some extra motivation! I believe you are emailed your results from the HR monitor after class but for some reason I didn’t receive mine– might have been a ClassPass thing but I’ll double check!



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