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Ryde by Revolve– Clarendon

I have been wanting to try ClassPass for probably 2 years. I loved watching my favorite fitness Instagramers get to try all different types of workouts on a “budget”. Classes including surfing, trampoline, aqua-biking and paddle-board yoga had me ready to jump on the CP wagon. Unfortunately, when I went to check out D.C’s ClassPass offerings, I was slightly disappointed, being met with a majority of barre and pilates studios (which I wasn’t a huge fan of).

Now, I’m an older, more open minded, not cardio-centric, Sunnie and I’m ready to tackle every barre, pilates, spinning, pole dancing, karate, boxing studio in Arlington and DC! Ok, maybe not all of them, but a lot of them!

If you are interested in trying ClassPass, you can use my link here to get $40 off! (Not sponsored. Just some free $$!)

I chose Ryde by Revolve as my first ClassPass…class because I love spinning. I love the darkness, the music and the I-just-ran-to-grab-the-last-slice-of-pizza out of breath-ness spinning gives me and this ride was no exception.

Located in Clarendon, Ryde is tucked away on a side street inbetween a bakery and a wine bar…hold on…I feel a song coming on…

Donuts and cookies and sugar and sprinkles
Merlot and and Chardonnay that make me go tinkles,
Cycling and dancing and and an instructor who sings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

We now return you to your regular programming.

There is limited street parking so I ended up a block away in the Trader Joe’s garage. This garage costs $6 for the first hour unless you get it validated at TJs (then it’s freeeee). I did end up doing some grocery shopping after class for a few things I needed: bananas, coffee and validated parking to be specific.

There were already a dozen people ready to get into the studio so I quickly checked my name off the list, grabbed some shoes (free for your first visit, 2$ a rental after that) and put my gear in the provided lockers. Not sure if it was a ClassPass glitch, but I didn’t get to choose my bike which was fine, but something for you to note.

In the studio, there were lots of friendly employees who were happy to help adjust the bikes to everyone’s size and teach beginners how to clip in because what is more terrifying than trying to clip in in the dark during your first spin class?? Nothing. I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it.

This specific ride was Bruno Mars vs Justin Timberlake themed. The class was overwhelmingly pro Bruno Mars. Guess people were unimpressed by Justin’s Super Bowl performance..but who can blame them when we all know the Giants “time of your life” commercial really stole the show.

Revolve bikes

The ride was 45 minutes and had a great combination of work in the saddle, outside the saddle, sprints and climbs. There was some tapping back and dancing involved but you could easily continue the ride without engaging those elements if that isn’t your cup of tea. There was also a song dedicated to some weight work with your arms as well which I always find difficult.

Overall, I had a great ride and will be back to Ryde again at Revolve! Important note: they offer fruit after class which was the clementine on top a great ride. Who doesn’t love a good clemmy? On the weekends, they also have fun a fun flapjacks and tapbacks class that concludes with some pancakes and mimosas!

A cool perk I found in researching more about Revolve is that they have a membership package that costs much less than many other boutique cycling studios out there; a package that is unlimited AM rides (“Rise and Shine membership) for $80 a month. SO, if you are an early riser, this may be perfect for you!

In a snapshot:
Ryde at Revolve
Cost: 1 ride= $24.00, 5 pack= $105.00 10 pack= $195.00, 20 pack= $325.00
Promotion: Buy 1 get 1 intro ride for $24.00 (new clients only!)
What to wear/bring: spandex, clip in shoes (SPD and LOOK delta clips– you can rent these for $2), water bottle. Towels are provided.
Other shtuff: Parking is limited (you could try my Trader Joe’s hack) but is just a 5 minute walk from the Clarendon metro stop! Lots of great eats/drinks nearby!



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