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Whole30 Week 2


Week 2 is over which means we are more than halfway done with our 2nd Whole30 Challenge, AND we have officially beaten our previous, sad, old record of 14 days. I’m also happy to announce there has been no plate sniffing or crumb inspecting (although there has been copious amounts of talk about what our first meal back is going to be. I say hamburger, Steven says Pizza).

Overall, things are going well. My clothes are starting to not feel like they are suffocating my entire body which is a real plus. I’m also still feeling up for cooking which is shocking considering it has been SIXTEEN DAYS of consecutive cooking which I think is a world record in this house. AND sixteen days of no alcohol which is a even more shocking.

Something that has been really helping us be successful this time around has been Instagram. I follow a few accounts pretty religiously and they all have amazing recipes that have really inspired our meals. A few of my favorites:

No Crumbs Left
Instagram: @nocrumbsleft
Terri at No Crumbs Left is a magician. She creates amazing meals that are pretty simple, aesthetically pleasing and she is really great at interacting with her audience. I sent her a DM asking a question on how to use some leftover oil from her marinated red onions and she got back to me in like 5 seconds and posted a highlight story so I could see what she was talking about! She is also really well known for her “magic elixirs”: simple concoctions that really elevate a meal (like her marinated red onions…I put them on e v e r y t h i n g.)

Primal Gourmet
Instagram: @Primal_Gourmet
Ronny at Primal Gourmet has such a fun Instagram account. Not only are his recipes delicious (and amazing looking) but his humor and use of Instagram stories has been a real saving grace this Whole30. He has some great little tips for cooking healthy food like massaging olive oil and lemon juice into finely chopped kale…trust me, just try it. Also his video editing and knife skills are impressive and mesmerizing.

Jays Baking Me Crazy
Instagram: @Jays_Bakingmecrazy
Steven actually sent me one of Jessica at Jays Baking Me Crazy’s recipes and it sent me down a rabbit whole(30). She makes some amazing Paleo, Whole30 and low FODMAP recipes that I am loving. Her recipes aren’t super elaborate which means I usually have the ingredients at home (or close to it) meaning less fuss and more food! She is also really responsive on Instagram if you have questions.

Instagram: @nomnompaleo
Michelle at Nomnompaleo is seriously great, ESPECIALLY if you, like me, are obsessed with the Instant Pot (more on that later). She loves finding shortcuts that save you time and don’t compromise flavor. She is super popular (she even has a section at the Whole Foods hot bar for her delicious Paleo meals), has a few books and a really successful blog. A staple to follow if you are interested in Whole30!

A few more of our eats from this week:


Marinated Red Onions (No Crumbs Left)


Cuban Picadillo with Potatoes (Jays Baking me Crazy) and a Poached Egg


Beef Chilli (Nomnompaleo)


Everything Soup (Carrots, potatoes, butternut squash)


Sausage Gravy over Potatoes (Jay’s Baking Me Crazy) and Scrambled Eggs


Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice (Jay’s Baking me Crazy)

That’s all for now! If you have any other healthy food blog favorites, let me know!

Happy Tri-ing!


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