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Whole30 Week 1


Today, I thought I’d bring to you a recap of our second, first week of Whole30! (You can read about our original Whole14 here). I’d like to think I’m doing this post because I think you might be interested in reading about it but mostly, I’m avoiding having to write a nicely detailed post at the end. Sorry, not sorry.

Current Status: Sassy

Actually, all is going pretty well! I did stay home from work on Thursday because I actually thought I was dying but besides that, all good. I read on the Whole30 blog that it is important not to credit everything good happening to Whole30 (“WOO, THERE WILL BE A SEASON 3 OF STRANGER THINGS, THANKS WHOLE30!”) and in the same breath, you can’t blame everything negative on Whole30 (“I FEEL LIKE I’M DYING, TO HELL WITH YOU WHOLE30!)

That was day 4 for me and I was feeling terrible. My whole body was aching, I was nauseous, my head hurt and my legs…oh my gosh my legs.

You know the feeling back in 4th grade when you were doing v-sit and reach and you hadn’t yet reached your ankles but your legs felt like rubber bands about to snap and your gym teacher just kept telling you to “KEEP TRYING” and you’re like “I WASN’T MADE FOR THIS MR GARDZEL!”  It was like that, constant burning, aching and feeling like your legs were going to tear in half for like 24 hours.

But besides that, it’s all been good!

This time around, we were smarter about how we were going to go about completing all 30 days. Here are a few things we have done differently:

Bought Whole30 Compliant stuff:
Last year, I avoided buying the jar of Ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil, and almond butter I had seen in many Whole30 posts because well, I was being cheap. All three of those items have made our lives way easier.

Simplified Meals
I’m focusing on creating a blend of meals that vary in complexity. Last year, I suffered from WholeBurnOut, trying to make Whole30 meals that wouldn’t make us miss our favorite normal meals (like Shepherd’s pie, Cauliflower Pizza, Fish Tacos) all one after another. Since I wasn’t a big cook back then (look at me talking like I’m some iron chef) everything took forever and required a lot of concentration. This year, I’m mixing up the complexity of meals. Some nights are just a piece of meat with sides of vegetables. Other days when I have more time and feel like cooking something more interesting, its potato gnocchi.

Stocked the fridge
Our fridge is currently filled with meats and vegetables and our pantry has lots of whole30 compliant staples to help make sauces to top said meats and veggies. It makes it almost impossible to say “there is nothing to eat!” By trying to make sure none of the food goes bad and having so many options around, it makes wanting to go out absolutely not an option.

Instagraming a LOT
While yes, I am posting my own photos (follow me @JustTriItOnce!), this one actually is referring to all the AMAZING whole30 instagram accounts out there I am now following. There are so many great humans who are trying to make my cheese-less life more tasty and I’m so thankful for them. Instagram is a great place for straight up recipes, tips and inspiration for your own meals!

Those are the big changes this time around. We’ve had some real tasty meals this week! Here are a few:


There were a few more but I didn’t get to snap any photos. I’ll try to work on that for week 2. Also, begining to incorporate more physical activity for this coming week!

Overall, not feeling a ton different physically (I’ve actually felt a little more bloated in the last couple days) and I already told you about about the v-sit and reach legs. The biggest difference I have noticed is that my cravings for snacking and have plummeted and are almost non-existent. Also, I’m not ever really like waiting around for lunch or dinner time to come (usually I’m at my desk trying to wait till 12PM to go get lunch and will fold at like 10:37AM).

More updates next week! Follow @JustTriItOnce on instagram to follow more of the journey!

Happy Tri-ing!


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