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10 Things Noodle Does That We Should Do Too.


  1. Run as fast as you can, even if you look crazy
    Because it gets your energy out and maybe will encourage your friends to chase you and run too.
  2. Be super excited about nothing
    A loved one comes home? Smile! Jump up and down! Spin around in circles! Maybe pee a little! (and hope that your loved one loves you enough to clean up after you).
  3. If you make a mistake, put pride aside and ask for forgiveness
    If we bark or snarl at our friends, we shouldn’t be afraid to approach said friends at a different time and give them lots of sloppy kisses (or for humans, a sincere apology…or sloppy kisses I guess).
  4. Be weird
    It makes you unique, it makes people laugh and makes for great photos.
  5. Work hard, everyday, for change
    I know that neighbor in your building can drive you crazy. The mere smell of this person can send your hackles up and have you pacing around and huffing like crazy. But everyday, work a little to be able to smell and maybe even see this neighbor without losing your shit.
  6. Bark at anyone who walks through your door.
    Because they probably are intruders. Unless they aren’t. Then you can let them in.
    You can never be too careful.
  7. Face your fears
    Don’t avoid everything that scares you because the number of places you can go and experiences you can have get smaller and smaller if you do. Take a deep breath, get your paws, er, feet, out the door and face your fears. Say to yourself “real estate sign on the corner, I’m coming for you.”
  8. Give big hugs
    Hug like there is no tomorrow! Not everyone is going to love your big hugs…some people might even scream at you to get “DOWN”, but for the people who love hugs, this will make them very happy.
  9. Always be where the food is
    Don’t miss out on an opportunity to try something new and delicious by taking a nap in the other room. Stay (too) close to your friends who are cooking because who knows what they’ll drop…I mean offer you.
  10. Poop and run away from it
    Because no one will know it was you if you do.

Happy Tri-ing!

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