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CSA Today!

Season’s greetings!

It is finally that time of the year. The time where it is getting cold enough to make any normal task seem horribly inconvenient and daunting. Like having to pee in the morning but knowing that beyond your warm, cuddly duvet is an ice cold floor and blizzard-like-ceiling-fan winds that will cut through your pants-less legs like glass.

This time of year also makes me mildly dramatic.

Luckily for us, one thing that has helped us limit one of these trips outside into the cold has been our CSA farm share with the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op (LFFC).

If you aren’t familiar with CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) they work like this. Members of the CSA (like me) commit to helping local farmers sustain their farms by paying for their share of a season’s harvest completely up front. This gives farmers the ability to purchase what they need to be one season ahead of the game and results in a more sustainable farming endeavor. The members, in turn, get lots of organic goodies that make my trips to the grocery store almost non existent and makes me feel good about the food we’re putting in our bodies.

Farm Fresh Co-op 2

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Pretty good deal if you ask me.

We’ve been a part of the LFFC since the beginning of summer, purchasing a medium veggie share. Every Tuesday, our little pack (including me, a neighbor and the two canine members, Noodle and Jaxson,) would walk to our CSA pick up site (just a resident in a nearby neighborhood who doesn’t mind strangers coming onto their deck to pick up their food) with some reusable bags, grab our veggies and come home. That’s it! It became a bit of a ritual and made me feel like a big hippie which I didn’t hate.

Other days, Steven and I would just scoop up the share in our car on the way home. Those days I would feel like a lil’ millennial again.

For Fall CSA, we also opted to go for the meat share and fruit share in addition to veggies. The meat share provides 3 lbs of different meats from local farmers whose animals are humanely raised. This means no tiny cages (just large pastures where they animals can graze), no being force fed a bunch of junk so you can have a 9 lb steak and no hormones. We’ve gotten a variety of meats including ground beef, bison steaks, pork shoulder, lamb chops, ham steaks and more! The fruit share, for the fall, was mostly delicious apples.

What you get in your CSA differs from week to week and is always a little bit of a surprise. LFFC helps out by providing a “heads up” emails which tells you what to expect and a few recipes you could use your veggies in. We’ve made some really interesting meals this year and hopefully will continue creating! Heres an example of what you might get in a week:


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 3.52.56 PM

See, so fun! I mean there is even “carnival squash” in there, what is more fun than that?

LFFC has a BUNCH of pick up locations in DC, VA, PA, and even NY! Yes, “local” spans the mid-atlantic region and NY but they say they always try to get the veggies to you within 24 hours of being picked which you likely could not get at a big grocery store.

Registration closes 1/10 so if you are interested in checking it out, click here!

Highly suggest this as a great option for healthy eating brought close to your door but would advise that you might want to split the veggie share with someone because there’s a lot of stuff and if you end up hating it, you won’t be drowning in carnival squash. There are different sizes but Steven and I split a medium share with 2 other neighbors and still have a ton to eat.

Happy Tri-ing!

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