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Crockpot Talk: Chicken Edition

Since we got Noodle a little over a month ago a lot has changed.

  1. We now spend everyday trying to keep a puppy alive
  2. We go up and down the elevator about 16 times in a 24 hour period
  3. The conversation in our apartment is mostly about the consistency of Noodle’s most recent poop, if we think she is happy and how long it’ll be until she doesn’t have to go potty 16 times a day
  4. We have made dinner at home almost every single night

I’ll chronicle Noodle’s arrival and give you all an update on her in a later post. To accurately describe our first experience with our puppy love needs some real dedication. And, honestly, Noodle is about all I think about so this is a nice break!

Ok, ok. 1 pic. Ok 3 pics.


The point of today’s post is to show you how a 6 hour crock pot chicken can feed you dinner for almost an entire week.

Disclaimer: I accidentally stumbled upon these tips in my attempt to never leave Noodle’s side…a very healthy mentality, I know. Has my social life significantly deteriorated since we got Noodle? Sure. Do I spend all my time at home? Yes. But am I saving money on food and eating deliciously? Yes!

Sunday afternoon: Cook da chicken

The crock pot can be a magical tool and while I don’t love it for everything, I DO love it for cooking bulk meat effortlessly without compromising flavor.

All I do to cook this full chicken is remove the gross unmentionables from the chicken’s butt (and let’s be serious, Steven does that), roughly slice a medium onion, rub that chicken down in some spices (I more or less follow this recipe but never have everything…don’t worry it still works) and put it in the crock pot on low for 6 hours ish. No liquid is required, which sounds crazy but in the process of cooking, that chicken is going to create it’s own juice WHICH you can use. Just skim the surface of the liquid of the fat (get rid of that) and pour the non-fat chicken juice into an ice cub tray or tupperware and freeze. That makes it easy to grab and use when you need some chicken broth (see ratios of juice to water in the “Wednesday” meal.)

One the chicken is cooked, it’ll fork shred pretty easily. Steven will normally take care of the shredding and throw it in a large container. He usually puts in a cup or two of the juice to make sure it stays moist but honestly, this chicken is SO moist you might not even need it!

I find this chicken at our local giant and sometimes it is on sale for as little as $5 dollars. They freeze great and you can take it out 24-48 hours in advance to defrost in the fridge when you are ready to cook it.

Sunday Night: Chicken tacos/burritos
Ingredients: Rice, salsa, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese….honestly anything you think will be tasty in a burrito.
How to: Throw the ingredients in, take a look at this how to wrap a burrito video and enjoy!

Monday Night: Chicken Sandwiches
Ingredients: Good baguette or other bread with some body, lettuce, avacado, tomato…whatever sammie toppings you love!
How to: Slice your baguette and give it a toast. Steven loves eating this sammies with just the chicken and onions that came from the crock pot but I like to add a little freshness if I can! You could throw some mayo on it to make more of a chicken salad feel as well.

Tuesday Night: Chicken Quesadillas
Ingredients: Same as above taco/burrito recipe
How to: Get a skillet going around medium heat, and lay your first tortilla down. Place your ingredients down and sprinkle cheese on top. Don’t overfill or else flipping your dilla is going to be a disaster. Top with second tortilla and once you see the cheese melting, say a little prayer and flip that quesadilla and watch it go. The tortillas should be really crisp but not burnt! Top with some salsa/sour cream and enjoy!

Wednesday: The BEST Chicken Pot pie you’ll ever have

Ingredients: This recipe comes from 
How to: I’ve referenced this recipe many times, because it is AMAZING. Having the crock pot chicken on hand cuts down on the prep time which is great. I usually just start by making the roux (butter/flower goodness) and then follow the directions from there. I also use the chicken juice from the crock pot chicken to make a broth (1 part chicken juice to 3 parts water). If you make this full recipe, it will leave you with left overs for a day or two. I cook this is in cast iron pot.

Thursday: Leftover Chicken pot pie

Friday: Chicken Fried Rice

Fried Rice

yes, I’m going to take a food photography course because this does not look appetizing….but I promise its tasty

Ingredients: 2 cups of cooked rice (I use sticky white rice), a carrot finely diced, medium onion diced, 1 egg, 1/2 cup frozen peas, 3-4 tbs soy sauce, 1 tsp of sesame oil, salt, pepper
How to: I like doing this as the last meal because you can use all the litte bits of chicken you didn’t use before. Chop up the left over chicken into small pieces and set aside. Cook your rice according to directions. In a wok, sauté your carrots for a bit (they’ll take the longest to cook). Then add in your onions and cook until translucent. Throw in your peas and chicken in at the end, just to heat through. Crack and egg and scramble with all the veggies. Add your liquids and let cook for a minute or two. In the end, throw in your rice and let it “fry” for a few minutes until the color turns a little brown. Add more soy sauce if you are into really…soy-saucie fried rice. Be careful with sesame oil as it can be REALLY overwhelming if you have a heavy hand. I always serve this rice with an egg on top (I whisk an egg and fry it in a pan, then lay it over top the rice.) If you want to be super korean about it, top with ketchup 🙂

If you have anything left Saturday, you clearly didn’t eat enough.

If you want to save even more time, you can prep all those veggies on Sunday while the chicken cooks. Then its really just an assembly game!

Hope you enjoy your week of chicken! Stay tuned for another week of food starring: pork shoulder!

Happy Tri-ing!


  1. Your Noodle pup looks pretty happy and relaxed – you’re obviously getting it right. Crock pots are great for cooking chicken, and well done for getting it to last the week. I’m clearly greedy!


  2. Yay doggie!!
    When I first got my dog I ate less than ever because I actually felt bad eating in front of her. (weird, I know) That has now passed!
    Over here we can get lazy and a costco rotisserie chicken accomplishes the same thing as your slow cooker one. Yours is definitely better, but see lazy comment above 🙂


    • oh my gosh, I’m so happy you said that. I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks because I literally wasn’t eating from stress and feeling bad eating in front of her! I remember one day, I reflected back on my meals for the day and it was a clementine and a iced chai latte. hahaha. I love hearing other dog owners experiences because it makes me feel much less insane!


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