Month: January 2017

How Moving Made Me a Better Person (but not before making me a terrible person first)

There are a lot of things in this life that can get me cranky Hanging a towel over a door instead of a towel hook (I’m looking at you, Steven.) “Soaking” the dishes instead of washing them (….Steven…) People honking right when the light turns green (OK, Steven, you’re off the hook on this one.) Not picking up after your doggie does his/her business People who lean up against poles on the metro so that no one else can grab onto them in a crowded car People who fart on a crowded metro car and pretend to continue “reading” their book. The Metro But nothing makes me quite as cranky as moving. We recently relocated up the street since our little Noodle will be here soon and our old building wasn’t dog friendly. Remember little Noodle? I was initially pretty excited to move– getting Noodle is the single most exciting thing I have ever looked forward to. For some people it’s getting married. For others, its Taco Tuesday. I’d like to say I fall somewhere …


Here’s to 2017

Another cliche new years resolution coming at cha! Just kidding. Just think of it as a post laying out some goals and aspirations for the next 365 days that just happens to be published at the beginning of January. Last year for New Years Resolutions, I went total blogger-psycho laying out 52 new thing I was going to try for the year (1 for each week) and failed. To be fair, I did actually experience a few things that were on the list, but in the end, I’m not sure I really achieved or learned anything overall. That is a lie. I learned that without television, my life is very, very quiet. This year, with a year of blogging under my belt, I know better and have some clarity on how I want my 2017 to look. Finish Ironman Atlantic City One of my biggest physical goals for the year is to complete my first Ironman 70.3 in Atlantic City. I’ll (hopefully) be swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 and finishing off with a breezy 13.1 …