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Getting LGFIT


After the Nation’s Tri, I kind of, sort of, definitely lost all motivation to be active.


This about sums it up.

Aside from it being the end of the race season, I was just really overwhelmed and stressed with a lot of things and of course, the first thing to fall off my “priorities” list was anything that had to do was eating right, working out and sadly, blogging.

It actually worked out perfectly that at that time, my friend Lauren reached out to me to ask if I wanted to try her 6 week personal coaching/training service. I  gladly agreed, knowing it would help me get back on track with fitness, but having no idea what a profound effect it would have on the rest of well-being.

Lauren is an old high-school friend. She actually, un-knowing to me, grew up a mere 5 houses away from me my entire childhood. I’m sure I missed out on some good times as a kid!

She recently, and courageously, began her own fitness business, Lauren Gassman Fitness (LGFIT). Combining her experience as a personal coach, wellness coach and group fitness instructor, she has created a business that gives people the opportunity to realize their goals and develop a plan toward achieving them.


For me, these goals were both mental and physical.

Lauren and I started my 6 week coaching service with a call. What I believed was going to be a quick 30 minute assessment turned into almost an hour and a half of deep conversation. That Lauren straight onion- metaphored me, peeling away at the layers above to reveal some deeper issues about why my lifestyle had taken a bit of an unhealthy turn.

Through simple questions about my long-term and short-term goals, we were able to set up an plan that would help me take baby steps back into my normal, healthy routine. For the first two weeks, my “mini-goals” were to focus on eating the right food and beginning to integrate some strength training for my “off-season” tri work.


Obviously not me….look at them arms!

Anyone who has done goal setting work knows that you need measurable action items to ensure you are actually moving forward. Lauren helped me set up a variety of ways to begin focusing on better eating habits, being mindful of what was achievable with my schedule. Some examples were food tracking, sending photos, counting macros (and I finally learned was a macro was) and partaking in different activities when I started to get some sugar cravings. I don’t want to reveal all of Lauren’s secrets but the point is, she individualized a plan that worked for me.

I had also indicated to Lauren that I had missed circuit and strength training and really wanted to incorporate that into my very heavy cardio routine. Almost immediately after our call, Lauren send me an awesome circuit that included many of my favorite exercises with detailed instructions on how to complete it.

Lauren also checked in with me almost every day in a very non-intrusive way. Her light-hearted texts gave me a spark of energy and also reassured me someone was in my corner. Occasionally, she would brighten up my day with pics of her son, Kelby.


Come on, stahhppp

Every two weeks, Lauren and I checked in, reviewed what went well, what I liked, what I didn’t like, how I was progressing and what the next 2 weeks goals were. This method worked so well for me; it was not overwhelming and I was seeing progress without feeling like I had to stop everything and make HUGE changes.

At the end of my 6 weeks, I was feeling back to my old-self, reinvigorated to achieve my goals. I signed up for my first half-iron man (Atlantic City, 2017) and can’t wait to continue crushing my goals.

Aside from her personal coaching, Lauren also offers a FREE newsletter that delivers easy tips for training, eating and just living a happier life. Check it out!


I highly recommend connecting with Lauren if you are looking for guidance and excellent fitness and nutritional coaching. I got these benefits as well as a clear peace of mind and renewed spirit for healthy habits.

Lauren is offering JustTriItOnce readers some amazing specials if you click through these links!

The Trifecta (normally $200). Your special price =$170

Personal training for 6 weeks. Your special price =$115

Nutritional Counseling for 6 weeks. Your special price= $115

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  • Coaching
  • Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Exercise Program
  • 2 Sessions


Happy Tri-ing!

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