Month: November 2016

Getting LGFIT

  After the Nation’s Tri, I kind of, sort of, definitely lost all motivation to be active. This about sums it up. Aside from it being the end of the race season, I was just really overwhelmed and stressed with a lot of things and of course, the first thing to fall off my “priorities” list was anything that had to do was eating right, working out and sadly, blogging. It actually worked out perfectly that at that time, my friend Lauren reached out to me to ask if I wanted to try her 6 week personal coaching/training service. I  gladly agreed, knowing it would help me get back on track with fitness, but having no idea what a profound effect it would have on the rest of well-being. Lauren is an old high-school friend. She actually, un-knowing to me, grew up a mere 5 houses away from me my entire childhood. I’m sure I missed out on some good times as a kid! She recently, and courageously, began her own fitness business, Lauren Gassman Fitness (LGFIT). …