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I Do’s and Peek a Boo’s

I was always told that college was the time you really grow, find yourself and become an adult. I totally disagree. College was the time where I crammed for tests and papers (like in high school), had meals prepared for me (like in high school) and slept in bunk beds (like in high school). If anything, I regressed in mental maturity because of the social activities I was a part of. One time in college I ate 8 hot dogs at a Jimmy Buffet day party. I  may have “grown” a pant size, but I hardly believe that any maturing happened.

The first few years out of college however, have been a whirlwind of what I’ve felt like adulting is. Friends committing their lives to another, friends having offspring, battling with money, jobs, etc. Now THESE events have made me grow, find myself and become an adult.

Some people hate it. Work becomes more intense and responsibilities grow. Days of drinking too early and staying up too late become a rarity. Walking to friends apartments on a whim become a distant memory.

But I am loving it.

The best two perks of adulting?

Seeing your friends being the happiest they’ve ever been.


Watching your friends committing their lives to each other is a feeling that I don’t think will ever get old. Play a sweet song, hear a best man’s speech and I’m guaranteed to be a puddle of ugly crying. In the last 3 weeks I’ve gotten to see 2 very special couples say “I Do”.

Catherine and Theodore


Cathy is Steven’s sister: a thoughtful friend and as you can see, a STUNNING bride. Ted is maybe the punniest guy I’ve ever met. Put these two together and you’ve got a match made in heaven. I’ve had the pleasure of spending some special times with these two over the last couple years and was elated to see their gorgeous nuptials a week ago. Aside from an amazing setting (Steven’s hometown of Salisbury, Connecticut) the couple was surrounded by friends and family from every corner of the country and beyond (Hi Spain!). A beautiful ceremony with a string quartet and heart filled words was followed by a night of dancing and great fun. This photo makes me smile immediately and I am so happy knowing Ted and Cathy found their forever. Here’s to #CatandTedsExcellentAdventure!

Laura and Gus


Laura and Gus are friends from Dickinson and also current Arlington neighbors. Aside from being really  great”escape the room” partners, they are just all around fabulous people. On a GORGEOUS Friday, Laura and Gus had a small private ceremony with family in Annapolis MD and a celebration with friends in Chinatown on Saturday night. The evening was interspersed with heartfelt, tear jerking speeches from those closest to them and it really was an amazing experience. Aside from the happiness of marriage, my heart almost exploded when  I saw these photos my uncle took to capture the moments. I am so excited for Gus and Laura and can’t wait for more adventures with you in the future (murder mystery dinner, here we come!)



Last week, the newest member of our little group made his debut. Clark James Turner graced us with his presence on October 14th, 2016. The days leading up to his birth were filled with SO much excitement and I can’t thank Mama Emily and Papa Pat enough for bringing this bundle of handsome into the world. Clark, you are perfect and I cannot wait to watch you grow up into the floral shirt wearing, bass playing, pastry making prince that you are destined to be!

So adulting isn’t SO bad. I’ll give back the nights debauchery for these special moments any day.

Happy Tri-ing!

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