Month: October 2016

I Do’s and Peek a Boo’s

I was always told that college was the time you really grow, find yourself and become an adult. I totally disagree. College was the time where I crammed for tests and papers (like in high school), had meals prepared for me (like in high school) and slept in bunk beds (like in high school). If anything, I regressed in mental maturity because of the social activities I was a part of. One time in college I ate 8 hot dogs at a Jimmy Buffet day party. I  may have “grown” a pant size, but I hardly believe that any maturing happened. The first few years out of college however, have been a whirlwind of what I’ve felt like adulting is. Friends committing their lives to another, friends having offspring, battling with money, jobs, etc. Now THESE events have made me grow, find myself and become an adult. Some people hate it. Work becomes more intense and responsibilities grow. Days of drinking too early and staying up too late become a rarity. Walking to friends apartments on a whim become …