Month: September 2016

Tri-ing one year later.

2 weeks ago, I completed the Nations Triathlon. Well, it was actually turned into a Biathlon because the Potomac’s water didn’t meet regulation for “full human body contact” aka, it was full of poop…. again. 2/3 of a tri? Big bummer. Waking up at 5AM to complete a swim, bike and run? Fun! Waking up at 5 AM to just bike and run? Boo. I seriously considered not showing up until I had a little a nostalgic moment. On the Saturday before the race, Steven drove me to pick up my packet and help me rack my bike. Yes, this may sound familiar becauseee…… He did the same thing last year at my very FIRST triathlon! As we walked my bike to the transition this year, I remembered so vividly that first tri, the one that really started it all! I remember Steven parking the Subaru on ohio drive, bike in tow, being SO nervous, speed walking the bike down the street, having no idea how to rack my bike, looking at every other bike there to …


Traveling to Tri

Apologies for the absence, this summer has been a whirlwind of activities. That is not to be interpreted as “I’m sorry I did all these activities.” because I’m definitely not! That is what summer is for! I plan on doing a total recap of some of the awesome things that happened in the last two months but for now, I thought I’d stick to my most recent race (and first race I’ve traveled for). Steven, my mom and I had decided to go out west and visit Genie because well, we like her a little. Genie and I planned a week o’ fun to ensure we got the most out of our time on the west coast. Fun fact: it was also a momentous occasion because it was Steven’s first time west of the Mississippi! So obviously, we had to make it special. We thought a quick trip to Lake Tahoe would be a perfect start to vacation. And what makes a vacation more fun that swimming, biking and running!? Well, many things, but I’m a weird human so that …