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My Homage to Sia

I woke up this morning with the best text of my life from my dear love, Sarah.



I love Sia. She is life. I love her music, her voice and I love her cool wigs and bows. I immediately whipped open the App and saw the glory that is the Sia SnapChat filter.

And then it happened.

It started off innocent enough…


But then, I knew I needed to do more. I kept trying to think of ways to pay homage to my current musical idol. So I started what was to end up being the longest snapchat story of all time.

You all know that chilling, hauntingly beautiful song, Chandelier?

Of course you do. Well I knew I could never outdo my favorite Dance Mom’s dancer, Maddie, but I was inspired to try my own interpretation.

I present to you, Chandelier, as told by me, via Sia SnapChat filter.



Yes, I know, I probably spent way too much time doing this. But anything for my girl, Sia.

Follow me on snapchat (sunnieko) for more!

Happy Tri-ing




  1. You’re too much! 🙂
    Just saw the video for Cheap Thrills. And at first I hated it but for some reason I can not get it out of my head. I’m 95% sure that the main dancer is not Sia because we see her face (but you can probably confirm).
    The song is totally an earworm!


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