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4 Ways to Get Motivated to Move (and none have to do with Pokemon…OK 1 might)

Happy Friday! Or as I’ve come to call it, another day to play pokemon go.

Summer has turned into stressful (and productive!) work weeks followed by weekend upon weekend of activity with friends and family. This lifestyle has left my heart so full but my body and mind exhausted. I’ve been running on pizza and burgers which is so tasty but makes me feel really sluggish and, in turn, have severely reduced my workouts. Not to panic though; I’m a veteran at falling off the health wagon and am an expert and climbing back on. I looked at a calendar and am about 2 months out from my next race: The Nation’s Triathlon*. I’m starting getting back into eating/training right this week and thought I’d share a few of my tricks for how I get motivated to get moving again.

*Update: I have an earlier race! I’m heading out west to visit my sister AND we are BOTH going to be competing in the Lake Tahoe Triathlon. Yay for swimming in water that isn’t potentially toxic!

Sunnie’s Tips to Getting Motivated

Get Outside

As someone who overheats after walking up a hill, I loathe the summer heat and even more, working out in the summer heat. On a daily basis, I won’t even make it outside of the parking lot before I look a wrestler who just ran two miles in trash-bags trying to go down a weight class. So how do I get re-inspired by this disgusting weather? I do something fun that has nothing to do with running, swimming or biking.

In this case, it was heading over to McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area. Steven stumbled upon this preserve while looking for new hunting grounds and found they plant massive sunflower fields to bloom in July. We headed out with our friends, Laura and Gus, to check it out.

Unfortunately, the fields hadn’t bloomed fully, but we were still able to get a peak at what I assume is absolutely stunning at the peak time.

It was also our first time playing with the new camera my uncle is letting me and Steven use! Hopefully my blog pictures will be slightly more entertaining to look at now. Thanks unKo Mike!

Getting outside without having any obligations to do anything makes me appreciate the clean air, the sun, and the opportunity to move so much more. After walking for a couple hours through the fields and exploring the area, I was itching to head out for a run…after we had a margarita of course. I think peak bloom is this weekend or next. If you have a chance, take the drive an take in some beautiful scenery!

Cook something clean and delicious
Nothing makes me feel more energized than filling my body with delectably clean food. I’m lucky that I have been given taste buds that LOVE veggies, brown grains and anything with lemon. Now don’t think I’m sort of junk food hater; if you read this blog at all, you know I reference my undying love for pizza in almost every post. But when I’ve fallen off the health wagon, going a few consecutive days with my favorite clean eats makes me feel ready to get out there again (and not like a bloated sac of potatoes). Here’s whats been cooking the last few days…

Snapseed (8)

Some type of mushroom sauce chicken with quinoa and brocollini

IMG_6600 (1)

Kale pesto quinoa with a poached egg and shrimp


Shrimp Tacos with a DANK pico de gallo salsa


Classic french mussels in a white wine suace

Snapseed (6)

Homemade funfetti cake for Jarod! Ok so this isn’t clean, but it was fun to make!

I love me some Netflix (currently, Orange is the New Black has me experiencing all types of feels) but it is also a black hole into zombie status, for me. When I’m trying to get back into the good habit version of me, I read more. Generally, I like to pick out some inspiring book but any type of literature helps me. Here are a few of my favorite go-tos.

Born to Run

Born to run
A fairly quick read and will make you re-think running and its purpose. I have read this book multiple times and it always lifts my spirits and gets me thinking about my own next run.

Running on Empty:

Running on empty
A story about a 50+ year man’s journey to beating the record for running across the United States. I love this book because it reminds me of what a “limit” truly is…and that the run I am about to embark on will never be as long as this guy’s!

The Triathletes Training Bible

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.47.11 AM
This is more of a training resource (as the title suggests) but has some nice anecdotes that help make the training much more relatable and encouraging. Awesome training plans (both mentally and physically) and a nice great resource for new triathletes or someone thinking about getting into the sport.

Just do 1 workout…
I felt so discouraged a week or two ago; I had gained back some of the weight that I’d lost and my time had been spent doing less of what I love and more of what was easy and convenient. I came home from work, sat on the couch, flipped on TLC and figured I’d work on my growing butt indent on our couch. I was sad.

“I’m going to go run” I told myself.

So I got up, got my clothes on and right before I headed out the door, I sat back in that sad (but impressive) butt indent.

“I’m too tired.”

“I need to sleep”


Before I settled into the abyss that is How I Met Your Mother, I told myself to just run to the end of the street and back. And that would count. Just do this 1 workout.

So I went outside. As I ran and felt kind of crappy but kept telling myself “just to the end of the street.” I got to the end of the street, looked behind me and decided to keep moving forward. 40 minutes later, I came back to my apartment, sweaty, slightly discouraged from how slow I had gotten but pleased that I had done it. I took a shower and settled into my butt indent on the couch for the rest of the night to enjoy dinner and a movie. I was happy. Sometimes it just takes “1 workout” to make you feel better about everything, even sitting on the couch and working on a butt indent. I love that feeling and for me, its enough to make me want to get back out there tomorrow.

IMG_6405 (1)

So I’m running, biking and swimming my way to feeling better again, de-stressing and prepping for the next few races. Even got out there for an open water swim on Wednesday! UnKo Mike and family came out to take some photos, catch pokemon, and have dinner. It was lovely!


Photo credit: Mike Ko Photography


We’re headed out west to California at the end of August and I can’t wait! A race with my sister, time with family and Steven’s first time west of the Mississippi!

Happy Tri-ing!






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