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Cat Yoga? You Gotta be Kittin’ Me.

Combine yoga, adorable cats and a great cause and you have Cat Yoga at Crumbs and Whiskers.

What is Crumbs and Whiskers you may ask? It is DC’s one and only #Catcafe. You heard right– a cafe (serving coffee and delicious treats) filled with adorable kitties all of whom are up for adoption. They just celebrated their 1st birthday AND a whopping 102 cats adopted! A purrrrfect combination if you ask me.

Aside from providing the most cuddly, cute and love filled atmosphere to work, read or just hang out, Crumbs and Whiskers also provides for the fitness enthusiast by having “Cat Yoga” for an hour an a half on Sunday evenings. I first saw a posting for this unique yoga experience on Instagram and immediately had to sign up (follow @crumbsandwhiskers for adorable cat photos and event updates.)

Sarah, Debbie and I headed over to Crumbs and Whiskers, found a golden parking spot and eagerly went in. We saw kitten number 1, snoozin on the reception desk and knew immediately it was going to be the best evening ever. She was so cute. SO cute, in fact, I had to poke her a few times to ensure she was really a cat and not just a stuffed animal there to draw people in. End result: it really was a cat.


We spent some time inside of the cafe before yoga started; it looked just like I imagine a crazy cat lady’s house looking like. Cat photos adorned the walls, sticks with feathers attached to the ends were scattered about, and of course, there were a million cats. Actually 17. It was magical!


Debbie hanging with her new bestie.

After getting to meet some of our new furry friends, we headed upstairs to let the cat yoga begin!

The yoga was intended for all levels, meaning there were modifications offered for each pose (which I love). My favorite guideline was that if at any time, you needed to take a break, re-center or more importantly play with a cat, you could. Which happened a lot.


Here I am mid pigeon pose trying to snap a pic of a lil’ guy.


Cat crossing during forward fold…which i chose to forgo to take this photo.


downward dog…into a cat.

We practiced for about an hour and the time flew by. Apart from the cats, I loved that this yoga had a really nice, calming warm up which eased us into the session. We listened to some relaxing music which both the humans and cats loved.


Sarah and Billie Holiday having  “sphynx”off.

Overall, we had an amazing time and are already planning on going back. Like I said, all of the cats in the cafe are up for adoption through Lost Dog and Cat rescue We even saw a few of our fellow yogis inquiring about potentially adopting. It was adorable.


Sarah, me, Debbie and Ginny Weasley in the corner!

Thanks to our friends at Crumbs and Whiskers for all the great work they do for the cats and humans of DC! If you are around (and like cats) I highly recommend checking it out!


adopt me!

Crumbs and Whiskers
Location: 3211 O Street NW, Washington DC 20007
Cost: $25
Tips: You need to bring your own mat (and if you have a feline friend at home, you’ll probably be lucky and have a bunch of the cats wanting to sit on it!) Space is extremely limited (only 8 or 9 spots) so sign up in advance.

Happy Tri-ing!


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