Month: June 2016

Cat Yoga? You Gotta be Kittin’ Me.

Combine yoga, adorable cats and a great cause and you have Cat Yoga at Crumbs and Whiskers. What is Crumbs and Whiskers you may ask? It is DC’s one and only #Catcafe. You heard right– a cafe (serving coffee and delicious treats) filled with adorable kitties all of whom are up for adoption. They just celebrated their 1st birthday AND a whopping 102 cats adopted! A purrrrfect combination if you ask me. Aside from providing the most cuddly, cute and love filled atmosphere to work, read or just hang out, Crumbs and Whiskers also provides for the fitness enthusiast by having “Cat Yoga” for an hour an a half on Sunday evenings. I first saw a posting for this unique yoga experience on Instagram and immediately had to sign up (follow @crumbsandwhiskers for adorable cat photos and event updates.) Sarah, Debbie and I headed over to Crumbs and Whiskers, found a golden parking spot and eagerly went in. We saw kitten number 1, snoozin on the reception desk and knew immediately it was going to …


Busy? Here’s what’s for Dinner.

Wow! A record three weeks since I last wrote. Today’s post is some insight on what to eat when you are too busy to shop for groceries…which has been me the last three weeks. But before we get into that, here’s what’s been keeping me from blogging! Dickinson 5 year Reunion I cannot believe it has been 5 years since I was worrying about whether or not I could crank out a 20 page paper in 1 night (for the record, I could…and did…on numerous occasions). I loved my time in college; I built some amazing friendships (cheesy), I learned some hard life lessons (cheesier) and ate some of the best mac and cheese bites in all the land (literally, the cheesiest). I also spent a lot of time “studying” (aka…boozing.) Dickinson invites its alumni back after the kids head home for summer for a weekend of fun. We stayed in our old dorms, caught up with friends, made new friends (shout out to Dickinson class of ’80), ate late night food, and “studied” (and yes I still mean drinking.) …