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We didn’t watch TV for a week, and here’s what happened

We died.

Just kidding.

A few weeks ago, Steven suggested that I knock off another “52 Tris in 52 weeks” items. It had been awhile (life got busy!) but I’m still determined to complete the list. At the pace I’m completing these, I’m going to have a very, very….very busy December.

The rules were simple: No TV and no computer.

Here are the notes from my Week With No TV Diary.

Dear Diary,
Today after work, Steven and I went to the Nationals Game with Sarah and Tommy. It was a fun game (except that the Nat’s lost.) We partially planned to complete this task this week because we knew we wouldn’t have to worry about struggling with no TV for at least a day. Starting the week with good friends, baseball, and dippin dots… seems like its gonna be a easy peasy!

Dear Diary,
Today, we had our first dinner at home for the week. Normally, dinner consists of some lovely meal on our couch while we watch Chopped, whatever game is on or, if I’m super lucky, something on TLC. Tonight, we ate at the table, with some Jim Croce playing on through the speaker. It was lovely. We ate, chatted  what happened at work, the unusual weather were having and our plans to purchase Power ball tickets. We should do this more often!

Dear Diary,
It is our second night at home with no television. Over a nice pasta dinner, we chatted about the day, about the weather and if our Power Ball ticket would be a winner. Conversation was brief…crazy how much we depend on TV. Dinner lasted for 11 minutes. It got awkward. The rest of the evening was spent knocking things over so that we would have something to clean up.

Dear Diary,
We were looking forward to Thursday all week. On a normal evening, we and our comrades, I mean friends, play softball. However, on this evening, the ever raging rain continued to fall. Another night at home. I pray to see the morning.

Dear Diary,
Tonight we exhausted all topics for verbal communication. Lamenting of the weather, what we did that day, and whether we should purchase power ball tickets held a duration of 3 minutes. Our evening consisted of shoveling dinner into our mouths and watching our lilac plant grow.

Dear Diary,
This may be my last entry. I fear the worst has happened. The complete lack of television to divert our attention away from how little we actually communicate with each other has resulted in total loss of human interaction. It is, truly, the end as we know it.


Ok ok, it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was a total shock to realize how much time we actually spend watching TV and not interacting with one another. After our first night of no TV, we decided to spend the time in more productive ways than just twiddling our thumbs. Here are a few things we did after work.

  • In another attempt to knock off a “52 Tri” I started studying to learn all the countries in world. Steven helped me tackle all of North America and South America. My nemonic devices are on POINT.
  • We Read and talked about books
  • We Gardened at my mom’s house (pulled weeds, cleaned up the garden, bought mulch and soil and planted tomatoes, romaine lettuce and eggplant.
    IMG_6139 (1)
  • We perused a book store for hours. Steven got an investment book and I got a children’s atlas. I had a really awesome photo of Steven reading a book of every pizza shop in the world but can’t find it now. We should have bought that.
  • We cleaned the apartment
  • We talked about other things than the weather, what we did that day, and power ball tickets. Topics including finances, life and who likes Nick Miller more.
  • We went on an ice cream date to NiceCream in Clarendon.
  • We worked out

All in all, an eye opening “experience” and probably one of the more productive weeks I’ve had in awhile– I highly suggest it if you are in a TV habit. For those of you who don’t watch TV, good for you! Teach me your ways.

Shut the TV off ya’ll…you’ll feel real awkward but might learn a little geography in the process 🙂

Happy Tri-ing!



  1. You made me laugh, but it’s so easy to get into lazy habits with the TV. However, giving that up might be easier for me than my computer!


  2. Loved the style of this post…for some reason the diary entries made me think of the Oregon Trail game. Is that bizarre?
    I love TV and am OK with that, but you make some good points about how my other half and I probably don’t talk all that much. Maybe it’s for the best 😉


    • Haha– YES, I tried to hard to mimic some type of civil war diary entry but I’ll take Oregon Trail! I also love TV and need to have that type of entertainment after a long day or to relax…I also probably wouldn’t know how to cook without Food Network 🙂


  3. Very amusing. It is scary how much we depend on tv and computers for entertainment – but after a good work out/run its about all I can cope with!


  4. Kelby and I started doing this out of necessity. Even though he works from home and I’m home part-time with the baby, sometimes it feels like we miss out on each other. We have to say, “no tv, let’s connect!” It definitely makes us more productive pursuing hobbies/interests we can’t do when the baby is awake. Ya know, like chores and anything involving two hands. We try for TV only on Thursday-Sunday nights. Which I realize are nights most people are out and about. Now you know our secret haha


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