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Internet Friends (Creepiest Title Ever)

Social media is a crazy thing: it allows you to keep in touch with loved ones, keep in touch with “eh” ones, stalk people from high school, make friends, find out about events, and become a part of a community. I’ve shamelessly done all of these things (Don’t worry, you aren’t one of the “eh” ones… or are you!?)

It sounds cheesy, but I really enjoy the community aspect of social media.

I know…Ya gouda be kidding me. But I’m not!

I have made more friends via Instagram and on this here blog than I could have ever imagined and this week, I got to hang out with a bunch of these wonderful people at 2 different events.

I was amped on Saturday to get to share my love of Zengo cycling with a group of friends for a private ride at Cathedral Commons. My friends at Zengo hooked everyone up with some some awesome swag and Kendra Scott even provided a gorgeous piece of glitz for 1 lucky winner!

We started our ride at 12 PM.  Our instructor for the day was Blake. This high energy, spirited man took us through an amazing 50 minute ride that had us “wooo”ing more times than I can remember. We climbed, sprinted, had a moment of zen, and sprinted and climbed some more. By the end, I was a hot mess (as per usual). In fact, I think it is safe to say that everyone was touched with the ZenGlow! It was the perfect start to the weekend.

A huge thanks to Zengo and especially, Dani, for helping me get set up the ride and for all who came out!


On Wednesday, I enjoyed the most amazing evening out at National Harbor for a Wave 1 open water swim.

I know what you’re thinking…

“you swam in the Potomac?”

Yes, yes I did. And it isn’t the first time!

I headed over to National Harbor with another social media connection, Lauren (@Flowwithdelight). Lauren and I met via email a few months ago, when she invited me to an event at the Chelsea Collective. Since then, we’ve become regular ole’ Instagram pals, bonding over our love of being tri newbies and my obsessing over her food pictures. It was a match made in Instagram Heaven.

After we battled through an hour and 20 minutes of traffic (good lord, DC…what the efff), finding a parking spot and putting on our wetsuits (seriously, that ish is hard), we were off for an hour of open water swimming. It was the most amazing swim I’ve ever had.

“Wasn’t the water disgusting?”

I mean, it wasn’t like we were swimming in a pool of smart water but it wasn’t bad. What put this swim over the top was the sun setting over the harbor and the view I got with each breath I took. Absolutely stunning.

National Harbor

Photo courtesy of Lauren (@flowwithdelight)


Overall the swim felt awesome which was a spirit lifter; earlier this week, I deferred my Rock Hall Tri entry after my foot started acting up again 😦 It was a sad decision to make but Steven and I are still heading up to cheer on the rest of the NTP class and to enjoy the eastern shore!

It will also be my (and Steven’s) first experience at a B&B… I seriously laugh every time I think about us at a B&B but I figure it might make a great blog post. Keep an eye out for that one…

Just FYI: Wave 1 does open water swims every Wednesday and Sunday– let me know if you are headed to one and hopefully we can run into each other! It is an awesome way to get over OWS fears, get some sighting practice and get a great workout in.

Hope you all have a great week! If you haven’t already, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@justtriitonce) so we can be friends!

Happy Tri-ing!

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