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HAUL’in It In

HELLO everyone! Wow I’m bad at keeping to a blogging schedule! I’ll work on that.

In the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some awesome fitness services and goods and had to share some of the ones I’ve absolutely LOVED. Stick around, there is also a giveaway at the end! Or…I guess you could scroll to the bottom right now…but that would be mean…so just keep reading.

Runner Crate


RunnerCrate is a monthly subscription box service that delivers snacks, running goods and a monthly “runner bling” straight to your door step. I was lucky enough to get to try their May crate and was abnormally pumped about it. I’m not going to lie, subscription boxes get me so jazzed. There could be a subscription box of paperclips out there, and I would wait on pins and needles with stacks of loose paper all around me, waiting for it to come. There is something about a surprise box of goodies that brings back the anticipation of Christmas morning [or insert holiday denomination of choice] that we often miss as adults.

In my box (giggle giggle) I got 6 food items (you can see them in the pictures) that were all health friendly and really unique. The Epic Chicken Bar was especially  interesting and also completely delicious. Think, slim jim but way, way, way better. This bar has 15 grams of protein and is filled with great flavors. There was also some Wild Friend’s Almond Butter (yum), and Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter W/Pretzles (omg YUM), Beam Hot Cereal Pack, a Go Raw Pumpkin bar and some Protings Chips!

I also got a new runner belt which was perfect because, well…I lose everything. Including my last runner belt.

They also include a “runner bling” for the month which you can earn by completing the “May Challenge” outlined in the booklet that comes with the crate. Because there are a different intensity levels for the challenge, any runner can earn this bling and display it with pride.

Review: RunnerCrate is an awesome option for people who are wanting to try out some new food fuel and running gear. I imagine this would be a fantastic gift for the runner in your life (…and yes, YOU count as that runner).

Website: website:
Price: varies depending on what package you choose (Month to month, 6 month, annual)
Notes: The created of RunnerCrate, Kim, is AWESOME and so personable! Check out their Instagram account if you have any questions…or just want to look at hilarious running memes. You can use the very modest “SUNNIEROCKS” for 10% of your box!

Noka Organics

IMG_6061 (1)

Confession: my favorite fitness fuel is baby food. No, not the baby food that comes in little jars (although I think those are so cute!). I’m talking about the baby food that comes in little pouches that you can see any toddler wobbling around with. I love the ease of the packaging, the price, and quite honestly, the taste. During my tri’s I love to keep them at my transition station and will eat them as a snack before a long run.

When Noka reached out to me, I was in heaven. These pouches were inspired by the very baby food pouches I love. It didn’t take much convincing for me to try and luckily they were delivered in time for my last race! My review: O.M.G.

Not only are they in the super convenient packaging I love, but they delicious and are more adult tasting than baby food, which is totally fine by me. Each pack is 110 calories and is packed with fresh fruits and veggies, vegan protein and flak seeds. I am in love with them.

They come in three different flavor varieties– all of which are delicious but I am a huge fan of the mango coconut.

Price: $17.99/6 pack
Notes: Definitely pricier than your normal baby food pack but also full of more adult nutrients. Love it!

TomTom Bluetooth Headphones

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.03.43 PM

A few weeks ago, I went on a GUSH about how much I love my TomTomSpark Cardio Watch. The biggest selling point of this watch is that it holds 500 songs, eliminating the need to cary your phone/traditional headphones on runs. It is also the only feature of the watch I never used.

I called out to my Instagram peeps to give suggestions on bluetooth headphones to try and TomTom reached out to help a sista out (you guys should follow their social media, they are so responsive and helpful!)

I’ve said it before; I’m not normally someone who runs with music but after an awesome playlist made me PR at the GW 10 miler, I’ve opened my ears to the possibility of listening to music more. As someone who isn’t into headphone technology, this review is probably a little less legit but nevertheless, I will rant on.

The headphones work well; it is still so weird to not get tangled up in the wires. My one big gripe is that when I use it with my phone for calls, there is always an echo. The fit of them is also a little bit weird, but luckily, TomTom provides a few different size ear pieces to help alleviate the issue.

My other gripe is that the instruction manual is as helpful as an instruction pamphlet from Ikea.  Aka…its not helpful and makes you want to rip your hair out. All in all, the headphones work great now that I’ve got them up and running (see what I did there?) I love the fact that my music isn’t muffled by sweat and that my arms don’t trip over any wires!

Price: $99
Notes: See Ikea Comment above



Allison, one of my NTP leaders, told us that in the midst of a race, something as simple as tying your shoes can become the most daunting task. I didn’t quite believe her…until my last tri.

At Peasantman, I forgot to untie my running shoes so that when I came back from the bike, I could easily take my cycling shoes off, and slip my Mizunos on. Little did I know, that at the end of my ride, I would be unable to unclip my cycling shoe from my pedal, forcing me to take my foot out of the shoe (while it was still attached to the pedal) and run back to transition in 1 cycling shoe, pushing my bike, with the other foot barefoot, with my pedal and rogue shoe dragging behind. I was so flustered as soon as I got to my area that seeing my running shoes still tied nearly broke me. Ok, it didn’t nearly break me, but it definitely made me sad.

In comes ZoomLaces. ZoomLaces is a local DC business that makes it THEIR business to keep your life simple. These elastic laces make it SO easy, brainless really, to get your running shoes on without having to think AND keeps it at the perfect “tight” tie you’ve always dreamed of.

I struggle in my running shoes with finding the right “tight”: often, they are way too tight, and my poor toes lose feelings in the first few miles. Sometimes they are way too loose. As soon as I put my Zoom Laces in, played around with the support and found the perfect fit,  I was set…and will be set for the foreseeable future! I ran 13 miles in these shoes Saturday and didn’t even THINK of my feet once. Forget untied laces, forget tripping over laces… FORGET YOUR LACES. this is the answer.

Now, as for getting stuck in your cycling shoes on your bike, these can’t help you. And apparently, neither can I 😦

Price: $7 a set
Note: These laces come in ALL different colors to suit all of your lace needs!

AND you have a chance to win some yourself!

Zoom Laces is giving Just Tri It Once readers the opportunity to win 3 pairs of these life saving laces! Just comment below with your next upcoming race, shoe-lace fail story, or number of pairs of running shoes you have and you could win! 

If you are eager, you can also use the code JustTriItOnce for 25% of your order! This code will only work for the first 25 users!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or have any questions!
Happy Tri-ing!

A BIG thanks to RunnerCrate, Noka Organics, TomTom and ZoomLaces for providing the products above. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Heather S says

    My upcoming race is the Rhody Run this coming weekend! eeeeek! Thanks for the chance to win – they look amazing!


  2. Kelly says

    Ohhh, I didn’t know about all these wonderful running goodies! Thanks for the protips. I may have to check out the runnercrate and the tomtom watch. Looking for a marathon, but haven’t picked one yet. It’s getting kinda hot out here for training, but haven’t succumbed to the dreadmill yet!


    • Yes do check them out! Runnercrate was so wonderful and the TomTom watch is great for what I need- heart rate zone, GPS, pace, works for swimming, cycling, running, lifting…its awesome! Good luck on the marathon hunt!! It is cold and rainy here and i yearn for some sun…but I know as soon as summer hits DC i’ll be miserable. haha!


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