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How to Take a Great Fitness Selfie

Writing this blog is one of my favorite activities these days. I love the creative process of thinking of post topics, writing, editing (although I know my editing skills are laclster lack luster lakluster….bad ), scheduling when they will go live, and seeing a final product.

Unfortunately, writing isn’t the only piece of a successful blog. Apparently, you need some good photos to catch the reader’s eye…and I’ve found it to be true. My blog posts where I have the most photos have infinitely more visitors and views than the ones that don’t. Is the art of reading dead!?

Is no one reading this!?

Oh well, I know my mom always does, so I’ll continue. Thanks mom!

I started thinking the other day when choosing photos to insert into a blog post, that I must look like the most self-involved ass clown when taking photos for Just Tri It Once.

“Why is that girl taking  taking 543 selfies of herself in front of a that stationary bike?”

I’ve realized it is just the the curse of the blogger’s selfie…or the belfie *as I will refer to it as.

  1. a selfie taken with the purpose blogging/instagram/twitter*

*Update: Belfie is actually a term coined by Kim Kardashian which refers to taking selfies of your butt. (I feel sad for the world my children will grow up in).

I will refer to them the rest of the post as “blogelfies”.


(n) a selfie taken with the purpose blogging/instagram/twitter

Anywho… blogelfie-ing is just a part of the blog game…so I’ve gotten used to it.

I mean, I’ve always taken pictures but curating the perfect compilation of fitness photos can be tricky. People really only want to see your sweaty, red, face on your treadmill like 9 times before it gets old. As a fitness blogger, I have to make sure I’m varying up with I do and the photos I post here and on my Instagram to keep people engaged. How do I do it you ask? Here are my 2 strategies:

  1. Get a professional photographer: All of the photos on this blog/Instagram that look remotely good have probably been taken by my blog photographer (aka Uncle Mike!). We meet up every few months to get some shots. He is amazing at what he does. They look like this:
    DSC03301Export20160131DSC02249-EditDSC03286Export20160131DSC02296DSC03581Export20160131_DSC3314Export20160131 (1)
  2. Stretegy 2 is I take them myself, on my iPhone. Aka I blogelfie it. I’m normally shaking from having just worked out so they are often really blurry. They look like this:
  3. IMG_5711IMG_5004 2IMG_4600

I’m not sure if you can tell the difference between them, but I feel like the ones that are professionally done look slightly nicer. I know my blurry motif is nice, but Uncle Mike’s just edge mine out (I hope I’m a decent enough writer that you can sense the sarcasm). I would love to have my uncle with me at all times to capture my fitness moments, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. He has kids that like to eat food, so he has to work every now and again.

So I’ve been working to step up my selfie game aaaand I think I’ve nailed it. Since I’m so nice, I won’t keep these secrets to myself. I will share with you. Because I am a good person. Here is what you’ll need.

  1. A shatterproof phone: You will need to perch your phone on many strange objects (jagged brick walls, sidewalks, benches, dogs, small children)  in order to get a photo of yourself running, biking, dancing…etc. I have one of those fake glass screen covers that shatters if you drop in instead of the actual screen. This is crucial. I cracked my phone the 2nd day I had it while taking a photo of me doing a handstand on a rock.
  2. An Iron Will: Lets be real, you aren’t going to nail that selfie of you running the first time around.  Your shirt will probably be tucked into your pants, you might not be sucking in, your hair will be doing some sort of alf-alfa thing, or you’ll have a really bad sweat stain in a questionable area. Be ready to take the same photo over and over and over again until it is at least sub-par.
  3. A Creative mind: No one wants to see you take a blogelfie of your new tank top the normal way. That is boring! Tilt your head slightly down and to the right. Perfect! Now you are thinking like a blogger.
  4. Lots of Storage Space: You’ll need about 243 GBs of storage space to hold every version of you eating an apple, standing in front of a funny sign or you walking through the forest. Load up on GBs in the beginning so you aren’t stuck deciding between “Apple Blogelfie v.1” and “Apple Blogelfie v. 154”. They both have value.
  5. Tons of Photo Editing Apps and Filters: After you take your photo using all of the above tips, it will still probably look bad. Edit it first in an app (I use Snap Seed) until it is barely recognizable. I’m talking like you might have been running in front of your garage but now you are in Paris, barely recognizable. After you have done that, filter it again in Instagram until it doesn’t even look like you. Now, it’s perfect.

If you follow these steps you can turn this:


Into THIS:


Happy Tri-Ing!


In all seriousness, Check out Mike Ko Photography for all of your photography needs!


    • Haha thanks lexi– I scrolled through my phone to see how many pictures I had to take to get 1 picture i was going to use and couldn’t stop laughing. Hoping everyone gets a little giggle out of this one, especially the bloggers of the world 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. hahaha, I love this. :] I take almost all of my photos with my phone since I don’t have anything else, and it works out kindasorta okay most of the time! It’s probably related to the number of times I have to try before I get it right. Blogelfies and food pictures alike. Definitely not up to the same quality as professional though (if only I were that gifted, hahaha). 😛


    • Haha it’s tough out there! I’m always amazed at how great some of the Instagram pix are out there! My blurry ones are growing on me tho ☺️. I LOVE your feed! It’s one of the ones I’m amazed by!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, thanks so much! <3! I definitely have a lot of blurry ones where you really can't tell what I was going for (I blame noncompliant kitties for this ❤ ).


  2. Oh man, I tried to take a selfie post run the other day and it was horrible so I kept retaking it. Once I was done I had like 20 pictures! It was ridiculous, I deleted them all. However, sadly, I did take a screen shot showing all the failed attempts. 🙂


    • Hahaha– I laughed the entire time I was writing this because I knew all my blogger friends could relate! I’ve been thinking of how I can solve this blogelfie issue, I’ll let you know if I invent anything wonderful!


  3. Perhaps I’m destined to fail as a blogger because I don’t do the selfie. I’ve tried and failed and failed and failed. I took one group selfie and messed it up so badly that my boyfriend’s eyes didn’t line up with each other.
    I love all the pictures, so it’s all good to me!


    • Haha, I’ve had that happen to me too! I hope you don’t think I was being serious with any of this– blogging is whatever you make of it! I don’t take myself very seriously but found myself having 50 failed attempts at a picture with an avocado trying to keep up with Instagram…which is ridiculous and what inspired this. I love your blog!


    • Thanks! That is what’s great about the interweb! You can be friends from wherever! Thanks for swinging by! Come back soon!


    • What kind of phone do you have? I usually just email my photos to myself! Let me know if you need help! I’m not super tech savvy but I can try 🙂


      • It’s an old BlackBerry given to me by my sister after putting my phone through the washing machine. Not to be recommended!


  4. Thank you so much for the tips! I am constantly rotating between pictures of me, my dog, my dog and I, and my gym. Love this!


  5. Haha great pictures and great post! thanks for sharing! You seem to know very well what your doing im impressed! Actually I write a health and fitness blog too
    It would be great to get some feedback and to connect with you! I hope to read more great posts like this one 🙂


  6. jbrobinblog says

    Hahahahahahaha – THIS WAS AMAZING!

    I love it! so true – and I can hear your tone perfectly whilst reading, you’ve put the biggest smile on my face – very good article!

    I just started my wordpress blog – I’m 3 days fresh, and I’ve recently tried so hard to take good pictures! O MY SOLE! its crazy – thanks for the tips –

    hope I can turn around my awkward Blogelfies ❤


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