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A WeCap: Whole 30, Yoga and Blossoms

I’ve decided Sundays are going to be my week’s recap…now known as a WeCap. Enjoy!

Normally I try to keep some type of theme in these posts…but so much has happened over the past week that I can’t even imagine thinking of weaving all of these things in smoothly. Soooo, I’m not going to try because I…


…don’t give a ship.

OK. So first thing on the docket: today marks the end of week 1 in our attempt at Whole 30… and WHOLLY hell (definitely using that has the headline in the future), it is not for the faint of heart. It isn’t even the fact that I can’t eat bread. It isn’t the fact that I can’t eat cheese. What makes Whole 30 so difficult is the fact that I have to cook each meal to stay on plan. On Whole 30, you have to avoid certain foods, one of them being sugar (besides sugar in fruits/veggies)….and I don’t know if you know…but sugar is in EVERYTHING.

On a usual week, I am able to go for a run or workout right after work before I cook dinner and if I’m feeling lazy, we can order take out or go pick something up. This week, I spent most of my free time meal planning, grocery shop planning, prepping and cooking.

I’ve been on Pinterest more than I’d like to admit.

Steven and I went to the grocery store last Sunday and stocked up on so much produce I was nervous a lot of it was going to go to waste. Boy was I wrong. Not only did we eat everything, but I had to go out and buy another haul of produce on Wednesday! So far we’ve gone through:

8 Sweet Potatoes
5 Russet Potatoes
A pint of Brussel sprouts
6 Onions
A Bunch of Mushrooms (that is a real measurement)
4 Butter Nut Squashes
5 Peppers of various colors (we aren’t pepperists)
2 Dozen Eggs
A bunch of chicken breasts
2 Filets of Salmon
1 lb of ground pork
1 lb of ground turkey

…and some other stuff.

I don’t know about you, but for us, that is a lot of food. I won’t go too much into the details of what’s happening (I’m waiting till the end…when I am a Whole 30 master) but I do know that I’m feeling pretty good and have really expanded my culinary skills.


Chicken Piccata on spaghetti squash noodles. My favorite dish so far!

I can’t wait to share ALL of the crazy I’ve been cooking. Look out for the post mid-april!

On Tuesday, Steven suggested we wake up early and go check out the cherry blossoms before work because they were in peak bloom. Since I try to avoid the crazy during the annual cherry blossom festival, I was more than happy to set the alarm a little earlier in order to catch a peek! I had no idea that it was a “thing” to do this…so I was shocked when we headed down and there were already lots of people setting up for the perfect shot. We ended up arriving a little later than anticipated but regardless, got to experience a beautiful sunrise over our beautiful city.


Ironically, no cherry blossoms in this shot…but I like it…so there.

Saturday was my blogging event at Core Power Yoga and it was a real treat!

The class ended up being completely full with a mix of amazing people: there were triathlon friends, yoga friends, Instagram friends, book club friends and blog friends all together in one room, committed to an hour of yoga. I couldn’t have asked for more! I’ve raved about Core Power Yoga before and was excited and ready to have everyone try it out.


We practiced for an hour and by the end (per usual) I was sweating an embarrassing amount. I love CPY and the pace at which it moves: the first half of class focuses on poses that move with your breathing, the middle burns your core, and the end filled with more traditional yoga (holding poses) that rounds out the experience.

Needless to say, I am SO sore today. That’s what you get for not doing anything for 3 weeks!

After the class, we were treated to some South Block Juice Co “Glow” juice. It was so delish. Thanks again SBJC!

Thanks to everyone who came out! Including my adorable mother…who by the way was kicking my BUTT! She’s a great yogi.

IMG_5645 (1)

OO and I almost forgot! I got cleared to slowly start getting back into running. I hit the pavement with Eric on Thursday for 3 miles and was so exhausted by the end…but my foot felt great! I’ve got some catching up to do for the GW Classic 10 miler in a month! Fingers crossed I stay healthy!

Anywho, it was a big and fun week for me. Hope you all had a fantastic week and a happy happy Easter! ALSO if you are an experience Whole 30-er and have any recipe suggestions, please leave them below!


The Sneakster Bunny

Happy Tri-Ing!


  1. Caroline says

    aww, that picture of you and your mom is the best!! Mrs. Ko WOULD kick butt at Yoga. None of her talents surprise me. Good luck with Whole-30! and mostly meal planning!


    • Hehe thanks, Caroline! The class was moving pretty fast so I glanced over to make sure she was OK and there she was, doing the harder version of the move I was doing….!

      I’ll shoot you over any other good recipes that are “man” approved 🙂


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