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Oh Bra-ther!

Last week, I got a fun email from Lauren at Chelsea Collective inviting me and some girlfriends to come to the Get Fit with Brooks and Moving Comfort event. I was really struggling with a strong case of the “Mondays” as I read the email but I saw “bra fitting, manicures and runnings shoes”… so clearly, I was in.

On Sunday morning, Sarah and I ventured out to our old stomping grounds: Tyson’s Corner. It has been awhile since I’ve been to this massive mall…or any mall in general. These days, I can buy anything I need online.  Just yesterday, I received a veggie-spaghetti maker AND a Birch Box order in the mail. Yes, I can shop from the comfort of my home with no judgement and more importantly, with no pants on.

When we got there we realized, not much has changed. We passed by the movie theater. There are still a ton of teenagers loiterings and flirting with each other. We passed by the Gap. Their displays are still adorable. We passed by Hollister. They still haven’t gotten an electrician to fix their lighting. It was a walk down memory lane.

We finally got to the Chelsea Collective and let me start out by saying this store is BEAUTIFUL.


Image from

The greatest part of Chelsea Collective is that they carry several different brands of clothing, so there is a variety of fits. Their styles run (pun completely intended) across a spectrum; there were solids for the simple woman and crazy styles for the adventurer.

But we were there for 1 specific brand: Brooks.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the amazing staff and got started on bra sizing. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a proper fitting so I was weirdly nervous; did I get bigger because I gained weight? Did I get smaller because I’ve been doing some pushups!? Buzz Kill. Same size as before!

After, I was given several different styles to try on.



Sooo beautifullll.

Tbh, I have not bought a new sports bra in for-ev-errr. Most of my bras still lingering from high school or college…so trying these new bras on was a real revelation.

“Ohhh, they are supposed to support you!?”

I fell in love with this purple beauty.


This specific bra felt so supportive without cutting off circulation. The adorable print didn’t hurt either. Some of the other bras didn’t fit me quite as well but since I stopped lifting, it isn’t too much of a surprise: I am definitely softer in places that I had no idea were affected by weights. Like, how can an armpit have that much pudge!?

After, we did a GAIT analysis. I always love these because it seems my feet have really changed since college. I have gone from a minimalist shoe, to neutral, to support, to neutral and now potentially support, again. Once my foot is back to normal, I will definitely be back! Sarah found an awesome pair of Brooks (seen below) that were an in-between of minimalist and support. She was pumped!


Finally, we headed to the fittings rooms to get a quick manicure from Manicures-n-Motion. This small business travels around to events (like this one) to pamper the attendees. They did an amazing job (and it still hasn’t chipped!).

All in all: a WONDERFUL morning with one of my besties and Chelsea Collective. If you are looking to expand you fitness apparel, head on over! A big thanks to Lauren (@FlowWithDelight and for the invite and the goodies. Lauren is a fellow blogger and triathlete! Go check our her site for some awesome reads.

Happy Tri-ing!

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  1. I’m glad we were able to meet in person. I see a lot of fitness and fun in our future:) Thanks for coming and for the shout out! Big hug.


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