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The Runner’s Remedy

For the past few months, I have really concentrated on my running… which is good since I’m slated running my first half marathon in two weeks! I’m not going to say I love running yet; it still hurts my lungs, legs and feet…but on the days when it is good, it is so good. I have proved to myself that double digit runs are possible and then even though I feel like I want to stop, I don’t need to. The body is really an incredible and resilient thing!

Unfortunately, my pesky foot injury really flared up this past weekend on what was supposed to be my last long run before I began tapering for the Rock N Roll Half. My friend Eric was kind enough to slow his normal pace down to run with me on a planned 10 miler.


Selfie in front of Lincoln…even though I blocked Lincoln:-(

When I say slow down, I mean he actually looked like he was walking. I guess that is what I get for choosing a 6 foot 5, former cross-country running partner (I had a great time, Eric!). It was on that run that my foot finally had enough. I know feet can’t talk, but if it could it would have told me: “go ef, yourself…I’m done!”

Since I haven’t been able to run since Saturday, I’ve been really bummed. I keep thinking of how sad I’ll be if I can’t run after all these months of training but in the end, it is just a race. To keep my mind off of it, I’ve concentrated a bit more on making myself feel better both physically and mentally. Before my health kick, this would have meant a mani-pedi; 8 months ago, these appointments were consistently scheduled every 2 weeks, without fail. It was my escape from everything and time to just feel good and beautiful. When I got “serious” about running and triathlon training, I realized I had to make a choice…my poor wallet couldn’t handle both of these luxuries.

So…I traded my gel manicures for multiple pairs of running shoes.

I traded my perfect pedicures for the occasional black toe nail….

…but amazingly, I didn’t have to trade that special time to myself to feel good and beautiful. I feel both of those feelings every day now that I’m living a healthier lifestyle(cue the violins!)

I still yearn for a pampering every now and again so I happened to stumbled upon my own beauty remedies that are easier on the wallet and still satiate my need to be pampered. Check em out!



My dear friend Caroline has started her own Rodan and Fields business and is kicking some serious butt. Caroline is one of my oldest friends and I have some of my earliest memories with her*.  I was lucky enough to stand next to Caroline when she got married and have gotten to see her two beautiful babies grow into slightly larger babies (they are still under 2!) I value our friendship very much and now, value her opinion on skin care very much as well!
I first experienced Rodan and Fields when I complained about how dry my face was getting during the winter– immediately, Caroline suggested a daily face lotion which I am still loving. She was also sweet enough to let me try a mini-facial which was perfect after a rough 8 mile run a few weeks ago. Not only did this mini-facial soften up my face, but also revitalized my lips, which were in rough shape. If you want to try, give Caroline a holler!

*When we were 6 or 7, Caroline played America’s “Horse with No Name” for me on her parent’s CD player . “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no legs…” she sang with such confidence. I thought she was so cool for knowing such an “old” song that I didn’t ever question that the lyrics made no sense. It wasn’t until high school that I realized I had been singing it, very, very, very wrong…for 10 years

Emjoi Micro-Nail**


Ok. This thing is witchcraft. I’m not kidding. This micro-nail by Emjoi has been a game changer in nail care for me. Although I haven’t been going to get them done, this little buffer makes my hands look like a sub-par professional did them…and I only say that because I’m not great at doing my nails (but the Emjoi really pulls its weight!)

The micro-nail comes with four little buffers: The green buffer (2) on the left buffs away small imperfections on the nail, and the white one (2) on the right that shines the nail and leaves it looking like you just put on a fresh layer of top coat. This battery operated tool takes the hassle and time right out of getting a professional manicure look. Another great part of the micro-nail is that the shine lasts for about 2 weeks. I love using this micro-nail to keep my fingernails looking as beautiful as they can be without spending the money at a salon.


S-Miracle Facial Mask


Ok laugh if you must, but this might be my favorite spa-like at home treatment.These terrifying masks not only moisturize my face like no-one’s business, but also feel amazing. After a tough run and a quick shower, I throw one of these on lay down and often just fall asleep into LaLa Land. It is a refreshing way to get an unbelievably hydrated face and, hilarious to take picture of yourself in.

These masks come in a variety of prices (I think there are some crazy gold ones for close to $100 out there) but I think return on these comes from the fact that they sit on your face for 30 minutes, not from being $100…try one if you get the chance! They are fabulous.

DIY Hands and Feet Exfoliant

I recently discovered Ingrid Nilson, a YouTube vlogger who I find very entertaining to watch. As I was creeping, really hard (I’m talking like 4 years ago, creeping), I went all the way back into her video vault and found this great video on a home-made exfoliant. I’ve tried it a few times and although it looks disgusting, it really works nicely! I know these winter runs have taken a huge toll on my hands and feet so this was a great, inexpensive way to give them some love. Check out her youtube page for more DIY tips…but make sure you have some time– you can really get sucked in!

I’m headed to the doctor tomorrow to check out ole’ footy. I’m reallllyyyy hoping nothing is wrong and that I’m just being a huge baby! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Do you have any at home treat-yo-self remedies/routines? Please share!

Happy Tri-ing!

*I received the Emjoi Micro-Nail from Lipton Publicity for review. All opinions are my own.

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