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A WeCap: Whole 30, Yoga and Blossoms

I’ve decided Sundays are going to be my week’s recap…now known as a WeCap. Enjoy! Normally I try to keep some type of theme in these posts…but so much has happened over the past week that I can’t even imagine thinking of weaving all of these things in smoothly. Soooo, I’m not going to try… Continue reading A WeCap: Whole 30, Yoga and Blossoms

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I’m Not Getting Married…

  …right now (good hook-headline huh!? Thats Blogging 101 right there!). Is there something about entering the later half of your twenties that creates a time bomb that everyone, except for me, can see strapped to my body?? It is allegedly a terrifying  bomb…covered in lace, flowers AND it plays the Cha-Cha Slide on repeat. That’s right. The… Continue reading I’m Not Getting Married…

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Bum foot, Bangs and a Butt Load of Cookies

Yikes! My first time in about 6 months that I’ve gone longer than 6 days without posting. I try pretty hard to stick to a blogging schedule (for my own good…and for you dedicated readers out there…hi mom!) but sometimes, I just can’t. But that is life… plan, be surprised, move forward…repeat. Which takes me to… Continue reading Bum foot, Bangs and a Butt Load of Cookies