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I love lamp (and yoga, and caramallows)

Happy almost Valentines Day!

Yes I know. It’s not a real  holiday but I’ve always been OK with February 14th; there is always an excess of chocolate floating around, people just seem to be very giddy (or very cynical), flowers are abundant (even though it is 20 degree outside) and it is nice to see an outpour of love (if even in the form of a cheap stuffed animal).

I actually really enjoy seeing people loving so much!

That said, I’m not especially into celebrating it. In fact, a few years ago I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out (unplanned) on Valentines Day, leaving poor Steven to eat Chick-Fil-A by himself in a mall food court.

Then last year,  we went to Chick-Fil-A (voluntarily) with friends to celebrate. It was super fun! (seriously, no sarcasm here…I’m serious!)

This year, we planned on going to Chick-Fil-A (recognizing a theme here?) but V-day falls on a Sunday, so that plan is ruined. I guess we need to choose another fast food venue!

So to appease both my Valentines lovers and loathers out there, I thought I’d share with you a few things I’m loving and loathing right now in the Just Tri it Once categories of fitness, food and fun!


Loving: Run commuting. 
It seems that winter had decided to hit DC, finally, and all at once. After a 70 degree Christmas, mother nature is here in full force; first with our Jonas brothers snow storm 2 weeks ago and now with some really bitterly cold temperatures and winds. I’ve been in Struggleville USA trying to figure out how to get the runs done without freezing to death in the early morning or late evening. I saw on a MRTT (Mom’s Run This Town)* forum in Facebook that I’m a part of that many women were “run commuting” and I kept thinking to myself:

Where do you put your laptop?
Your lunch box?
Do you run with a backpack?
Am I the only one with a lunchbox?!

I never asked (although I should have) but I think I figured it out. I’ve started taking my running clothes to work, changing into them at the end of the day, packing up the bare minimum(1 credit card, smart trip, keys and phone) running home and then taking the left over clothing home the next day. It is life changing! Yes, I get home slightly later but don’t have to worry about running when I do, so it works out great. I also save money by avoiding public transit and get to take in the DC sights as I go.
Most importantly I get to multi-task my evening wine with stretching.


Two of my favorite things

Loving: My TKO
Running belt
In order to carry my “bare minimums” home on the run, I’ve been using a TKO Running Belt that my friends at Lipton Publicity and TKO sent to me. This belt is light weight and water resistant which is great since unexpected rain did hit one of my days running home. The key word is “resistant.” I can imagine if it were pouring, my poor phone would have gone to the graveyard but the material on this belt kept wicking away the light rain that fell while I took it for a spin. It also has 2 separate pockets which distributes the weight and “bulk” of my items across my waist. The pink stripe is reflective (although I still attach my two lights to the belt) and also adds a nice pop of color! This has become my new best running friend– it might run a little small but I will also disclaim that by saying I prefer to wear it around my hips rather than my waist (where normal people wear it.)

Loving: Yoga


photo by Mike Ko Photography

Sarah and I just finished up our 4 free classes at Core Power Yoga and I am slightly addicted. Aside from the fact that I can finally touch my toes for the first time since…ever, it has been a great way to spend an hour focusing on my practice, my health in a very calm environment. Now, clam is not to be confused with “easy.” It is hard and I sweat… a lot. But I’m loving how it makes me feel and my legs have thanked me since I’ve upped my mileage on my runs.

Loathing: The Treadmill
I won’t get into it too much…especially because i have dedicated an entire blog post to how much I loath the treadmill. Even after reading this awesome post from This Mama Runs for Cupcakes which inspired me to give it another try with a new, positive outlook, I failed at reconciling my relationship with this torture device. My easy 4 mile runs feel like 10…but I’ll keep at it because the treadmill will always be around! I WANT YOU TO BE MY FRIEND, TREADMILL!

Loving: Avacado Toast fom The Little Beet

This simple avocado toast from the Little Beet has been my go-to breakfast for the past few weeks. It is delicious, filling and did I mention delicious? The side greens are dressed with a little lemon and salt and is just perfect to start my day. I’ve started making it on my own at home, too. Yum! The Little Beet is my favorite go-to spot for lunch if I’ve forgotten to bring my own; they have a large selection of house made, health-happy creations including Banh Mi rolls, beet salad bowls and the best roasted sweet potatoes I’ve ever had!

Loving: Chicken Pot Pie


Like my attempt at pastry leaves?

I found this recipe online last year after googling “the best chicken pot pie ever” (very specific, I know) and I’m not kidding when I say it is the best chicken pot pie EVER. I feel like a food network star prepping this from scratch recipe and feel like a queen while I eat it.  It is very simple and most of the ingredients I usually have on hand– I just throw what ever veggies I have right in! I got this amazing dutch oven for Christmas from my sister, Genie, and this vessel made it taste even more amazing. Seriously, go make it tonight…everyone will love it. Disclaimer: This is a straight, creamy, down-right heavy chicken pot pie aka, probably not that great for you. BUT seriously…just do it. Go make it. Now. Stop Reading. GO.

Loving: Caramellos

In the spirit of Valentines day, I had to include my FAVORITE go-to dessert. Warning: these will make your teeth fall out but it will also make you smile…which is probably a bad combination. This marshmallow, wrapped in caramel, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with a little sea salt has been dubbed the “Turducken” of desserts by my friend Emily. The key is the 6 minute caramel that you make in the microwave. If you are a caramel purist, don’t judge yet, just take a look. I have made caramel both ways and found the quick way to taste just as delicious and a lot less stressful than the old fashioned way. They are always an office hit and I can imagine your loved ones with thank (and hate) you for introducing you to them. Check out the recipe here.

Loathing: Meat
Yes, I know, I just told you I’m obsessed with chicken pot pie (seriously, why haven’t you gone and made it yet?) but in the last year or so, I’ve really started to lose my love of eating meat! I know, crazy! I think it has to do with the fact that I’m cooking more and have to actually handle the raw meat; I don’t just get to see a plate of beautiful food in front of me. It ain’t pretty when it’s not cooked. I’m not going full vegetarian any time soon, but I have been leaning a lot more toward meatless foods, if I have the choice. Greens for days!

Loving: PUPPY

Meet Finn. One of my best friends, Emily, and her lovely fiancee, Pat, adopted this little nugget dog a mere week ago. This 10 week old bundle of OHMYGOSH has stolen my heart and made my desire for my own puppy sky rocket to unhealthy territory! Finn is named after detective Tutuola from Law and Order SVU (her cat is named Munch) and is a boxer lab mix from the Lost Dog Rescue. We spent a Friday night having dinner and watching Finn be absolutely adorable. I can’t imagine a cuter puppy for my almost-married friends! YAY PUPPIES!

Loving: N64


A few months ago, Steven and I counted all the money we had in our little London double decker “piggy” bank and made out with a whopping $100.We decided to invest in something that would be fun for the both of us, and after a few lame ideas, Steven suggested N64. I was on board. Steven was so PUMPED.

After a few weeks, a weird craiglist meet up and a lot more than $100, we finally have a full working N64 with a few classic games including Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Banjo Kazooie. We’ve been gaming for a bit every day and are finding that we have a lot more friends than we did before the N64! An intense game of super smash bros has almost destroyed our relationship but its OK…because I won.

Loathing: What is there to loath when it comes to FUN!?!

In the spirit of Valentines day, I’m also running an Instagram giveaway that closes at 2:14 EST on 2/14/16 (see what I did there?) Pop on over to my Instagram account (@JustTriItOnce) to check out how you can win this adorable tank top that embodies everything about me on a Saturday morning.


Anything you are LOVING this valentines day weekend? Loathing? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Tri-ing!!


  1. Love this post! The puppy, the avocado toast, the puppy (okay, fine, I said that one already!)..I’ve really been trying to spend more time at yoga lately too – it’s crazy how quickly you notice an increase in flexibility.

    P.S. Great Instagram account 🙂


  2. OneDizzyBee says

    I have just discovered avocado recently and omg is it ever amazing. Have you tried avocado fries yet?? (They aren’t really fried so I don’t know why they call them fries but they are so good!) Anyway, I really need to know what’s in that avocado spread because yes, please!

    Can you tell the avocado portion of your post made me happy? I almost didn’t even notice you talking about run commuting. Which I did not know was a thing and is frankly vaguely terrifying 🙂

    Happy not-Valentine’s-Day-yet to you!


    • Yes avocados are life! For the spread, I do half an avocado mashed up, a tiny bit of olive oil, salt and pepper (maybe something spicy like hot sauce if I’m feeling, dare I say it, spicy). My OTHER go to is toast, hummus and sliced avocado on top- seriously amazing. Hope you and the Englishman had a great Feb 14!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! The wine and yoga is a life-changer, I highly suggest it! Finn is adorable, even though she did try to eat me. And I almost let her, who could say no to that face?!?


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