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Feeling Strong and Comfy (Review)

Hi friends! A lot has happened in the last week:

I joined the DC Triathlon Club and became a member of their 2016 New Triathletes Program.

I added two Triathlons to my race calendar (Peasantman, Sprint and Rock Hall, Olympic)

I became an Fitfluential Ambassador, YAY!
Fitfluential Ambassador

Annnndd most importantly, we finally got Super Smash Brothers for N64 (and have been glued to the TV ever since…like literally, having cables on the controllers restricts how far you can sit away).

The addition of 2 new races has meant changing my training a bit to start re-incorporating more biking, swimming and circuit training back into my weekly routine. It was fantastic timing because my friends at Lipton Publicity sent me some goodies, including a TKO Jumprope.

Jumping rope has always been one of my favorite pieces in circuit training. Aside from providing a great cardio workout and getting my heart rate up quick, it also has benefits in coordination, strength/stability training (especially for ankles and knees), and of course, is just plain fun.

As I hop, hop, hopped along, I was taken back to my lacrosse days and ever farther back to elementary school and Jump Rope for Heart! Anyone still have that classic t-shirt!?

Anyways, here is what I do with the TKO rope:


Jump Rope x 1 min
Bicycle crunches x 1 min
Jump Rope x 1 min
Walking lunges x 1min
Jump Rope x 1 min
Plank x 1 min
Jump Rope x 1 min
Bear crawls x 1 min

20 seconds rest and repeat x 3

You can also replace any of the strength training movements with something else: mountain climbers, kettle bell swings, over head presses, tricep pushups, regular pushups… the options are endless!


Jumping rope is an easy to vary up your workouts especially if you are in a pinch for time. It is also something you can do just about anywhere (see above…I think Jefferson enjoyed watching me work early Sunday morning!)

On top of that, I was also able to try out some running socks by Kushyfoot.
This was especially great because if you know me at all, you know my sock collection looks like this:


Steven sold me out on Instagram

These socks worked great for me, which I know, based on the picture above, may not mean a lot to you. They had a bit of a tighter fit around the arch, which was a real blessing as I’m currently fighting a foot arch injury (once again, great timing!)  It made for a comfortable workout, especially on my long runs.


I have unusually small feet and deal with chronic “heel-of-sock-showing-outside-the-shoe-syndrome.” Luckily, these socks addressed that– no heel issues here! It is advertised that they don’t show outside most sneakers but they did in my Asics. No problem for me, I didn’t mind, but just a heads up!

What are your favorite running socks or simple pieces of training equipment? Be sure to leave a comment below.

Thanks to Lipton Publicity for providing the featured products. All opinions are my own.

A big thanks to Mike Ko Photography for providing the lovely pictures! Be sure to check out his site for more amazing photographs and contact information if you are in the market for a WONDERFUL photographer!



  1. Ahh didn’t realize you were in NTP– I have come to coach a few of the weekend runs. I LOVE NTP and DC Tri– welcome (belatedly)! (Ps- told you I was stalking, too! haha)


    • hahaha! How fun! are you going to be a Peasantman or Rock Hall? Every good blogger has to have a good stalking ability! haha.


      • Sadly I am not free for Peasantman this year (it is so, so fun and I hope you have a great time!) and I am still on the fence about Rock Hall, but I am leaning towards racing!


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