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Enter: The Late Twenty-Something

It is official…I’m a late twenty something! This birthday, I was lucky enough to get to celebrate all weekend long. Steven’s sister, Cathy, and her fiancé, Ted, came into town to hang out with us and partake in the birthday shanagans which made it extra awesome. So here is what went down! On Saturday, I woke… Continue reading Enter: The Late Twenty-Something

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I love lamp (and yoga, and caramallows)

Happy almost Valentines Day! Yes I know. It’s not a real  holiday but I’ve always been OK with February 14th; there is always an excess of chocolate floating around, people just seem to be very giddy (or very cynical), flowers are abundant (even though it is 20 degree outside) and it is nice to see an outpour of… Continue reading I love lamp (and yoga, and caramallows)

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Chi-Town Date with Aziz Ansari

I dare say that Aziz Ansari has played a critical part in my relationship with Steven. When we first started dating, Steven and I were 24, both freshly returned from living abroad, newly employed in the US workforce, living on our own, and embodying everything there was to embody when you are a mid-twenty-something. Our dates consisted… Continue reading Chi-Town Date with Aziz Ansari

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Feeling Strong and Comfy (Review)

Hi friends! A lot has happened in the last week: I joined the DC Triathlon Club and became a member of their 2016 New Triathletes Program. I added two Triathlons to my race calendar (Peasantman, Sprint and Rock Hall, Olympic) I became an Fitfluential Ambassador, YAY! Annnndd most importantly, we finally got Super Smash Brothers for… Continue reading Feeling Strong and Comfy (Review)