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Going Head 2 Head with the Dreadmill

I’ve been trying so hard to not run on a treadmill while training for this half marathon. But when your town looks like this:


Steven walking Cota Dog

You may have no choice.

After Jonas came and ruined DC (and pop music), I was forced to run my first ever long treadmill run.

It was torture. I’ve never been a fitness watch watcher (although my friends at TomTom did send me a new TomTom Spark + Music watch that I’ve been using…review up soon!) and I know exactly why. It’s because watching your mileage or time tick…tick…tick…is horrible (for me at least). I tried hard to look away but it was like watching a TLC marathon of Say Yes to the Dress…horrible, yet I just couldn’t stop watching.

And so as I ran 8 miles to nowhere, I tried passing the time like anyone does on a treadmill.

I listened to music

FullSizeRender (2)

My girl Britney, always there with me through thick and thin.

I watched Netflix


I finally got around to actually reading the rules of playing Settlers of Catan

IMG_4915 (1)

You can in fact stop a longest road by building at an intersection.

I started doing my taxes


Probably should have read these awhile ago

I read a classic literary novel


This is so good…

I realized after I was done, I had just read Tequila Mocking Bird (the plot did seem different than what I remembered…)


It was too good

I learned how to play the ukelele


Dang my tiny Ko hands!

I made dinner

and before I knew it, I was done!

Ok, so none of that actually happened, but I seriously considered it while I was bored out of my mind. When I came back to my apartment, I started to do some research on how I could make my treadmill experience better.

I found a lot of helpful links like this one how to jazz up a treadmill work out by Women’s health. I tried a few and they really burned! Fair warning: it is super embarrassing if someone walks in on you doing any of these…trust me, I know.

The things I do for this blog.

This article, on the my fitness pal blog, is more focused on a full body plus cardio workout and also helps distract you from the mundane-ness of treadmill workouts by varying up movements, times and distances.

Here are some more fun ways to use the treadmill in non-running ways (start around 52 seconds in).

These exercises don’t replace good old distance running with fresh air, different terrain and changing scenery but if you are stuck inside because of a blizzard, they don’t hurt!

I am appreciative of the great resources on the internet, but needless to say, I was glad when I was finally able to run outside.



Hope those of you who got hit by Jonas recovered (I know, “Play My Music” still haunts my dreams). If you have suggestions on how make a treadmill workout more fun, comment below!

Happy Tri-ing!







  1. Here you go, almost making running seem fun again. But I won’t fall for it! One word of non-running advice though – if you play Catan with your significant other, never play on opposite sides unless you actually want to break up 😉


  2. OneDizzyBee led me here,and boy am I happy she did. As a runner who can’t stand treadmills…this was a fun read!


    • Thanks for stopping by! Onedizzybee cracks me up. I’ll keep working on figuring out more ways to entertain myself on the treadmill. I’m thinking learning how to knit…

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Just found your blog and this post made me laugh, thank you for that!

    I’ve yet to have to do a long run on a treadmill but have been gathering ideas for how to make it tolerable since I know it’s bound to happen.

    I will definitely consider learning a new instrument 🙂


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