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Working on my 1-Pack

A few weeks ago, I posted about how I’ve been yoga-ing more to help with my half-marathon training.  Well, I’ve spent a lot of time working out with YouTube and figured it might be time for some real human interaction.

So, Sarah and I braved the first snow DC has seen this season and headed to Core Power Yoga in Clarendon. 

We decided to attend the Core Power Yoga 1 class which is specifically aimed at novice yogis like ourselves. In this class, there is no heat added (as there is with the higher level classes). We also noticed that this class was free! I’ve mentioned before that Core Power Yoga offers 1 free week to new students but right now, they are also training future yoga instructors by letting them lead the Wednesday beginning class.


When we got to the studio, we were greeted by the friendly staff along with all the other yogis who decided to head up despite the inclement weather (go ahead, make your jokes about what DC folks call “inclement weather!”)


Sarah working to get that 6-pack. I’m working on refining my 1-pack.

After signing a waiver, we headed to the locker room to pack away the non-essentials.

Then we headed into class.

The studio was gorgeous and light snow fall made it all the better. We started with a few some of the basics: mountain pose, chair pose, downward dog and a few others. We moved at a much faster pace than I’m used to which is something that differentiates Core Power from other studios I’ve been to. We didn’t stay in any one place too long and used a flowing combination of a a few poses for several repetitions. It reminded me of a very relaxing circuit training session…if that makes any sense.

We then headed into the “core” portion that consisted of some basic core work (bicycle twists, crunches, etc.)

They played some groovy music throughout including relaxed versions of popular songs (Sia’s Chandelier, my fav!)

They also offered a lot of modified positions up front which I found helpful and made the whole experience less intimidating. The instructors were active in helping those who were struggling (coughcoughmecoughcough) and giving support in poses that were sub human (which are most poses for me at this point).

We ended with a relaxing shavasana, some peaceful words, and a calm mind.

All in all, the experience was great and I’ll be sure to head back. I have done bikram before and am interested in taking one of the hot classes soon.

Sarah and I were so inspired, we just had to #stopdropandyoga on the way home!



Core Power Yoga offers a wide arrange of classes and a schedule that made it easy for me to fit something in. I recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a yoga workout that will leave your core feeling strong and your mind at ease.

Core Power Yoga
Schedule: Check out locations and schedules here
Tips: Even if you are taking the beginning class, wear light clothing, it did get toastier than a normal class! There are also mats and towels to rent for $2 and lockers that will keep you things safe:-)


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