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Just Run With It

I feel like our weather has been like Britney Spear circa 2007: bat shit crazy.

(And I say that will all due respect to my main girl Britney… I actually think she produced some great tunes during this time of turmoil. Blackout has got some hot jams.)

The mild and then freezing weather made for some interesting workouts, but all in all, a good week of training. Actually, I had a couple awesome runs.

Thursday- Run to Friends

You know that runner’s high people talk about? That euphoric feeling during or after a difficult or long workout? The feeling of being in absolute bliss even though you are pushing yourself to the limits?

Yeah, me either.

In fact, Thursday’s run was a 5 mile go that started off terrible. But one thing kept me going: Trivia.


The winnings from past trivias. Beautiful frame job by Kat:-)

Every Thursday  I head to Mr Days in Clarendon with friends for our weekly trivia night. Its a time for all of us to catch up, drink beers for $2, tell horrible jokes and guess at a lot of trivia questions.  I just kept telling myself “just get to the beer.” Oops, I mean “get to the friends.”

During the run, my mind was racing with so many stressful things. Money, work, the future.

My legs felt like lead.

I remembered I had eaten like crap all day and was feeling guilty.

Each step felt like a boulder pounding into the pavement.

On top of that, I tripped over those damn spiky balls my neighbors don’t sweep up and I had over dressed for the weather.

Heaviness, all around.

Then I remembered where I was going and who I was going to see. Friends. People who cared about me and who I would do anything for. Friends who make me laugh when I most need it and who make make me smile without expecting anything in return. Friends who truly take the weight of life off my shoulders.
Go run to your friends, I told myself. And so I did. With wind under my feet. It ended up being a wonderful run.


Trivia with a big second place win before Thanksgiving.



Friday: Run to Memories

On Friday, I desperately wanted to get in a run before the predicted rain was supposed to come. I proactively packed my stuff to take to work to ensure that I would get in a run right after work and not after I got home. I had a loop planned out that would take me around the north part of the city. Then, I realized, I had forgotten to complete an item from my 52 Tri’s list. I quickly looked to see what I could do to recover.

“Run the entire mall”

Perfect. So I ran down to the mall.

I had grown up visiting the mall and have a lot of fond memories. I lost my first tooth there; I was eating a lunchable when the loose sucker finally decided to exit my mouth. Sadly, it fell right into the gravel that was comprised of a million tiny white rocks. I never found that tooth, but the tooth fairy did bring me some money and a keychain from DC.

I’ve watched fireworks from the mall many times, attended the yearly literary fair, eaten space ice cream outside of the Air And Space Museum, played kickball, softball, got drunk on sangria for the first time with my sister, started a relationship “bucket list” with Steven…It has a lot of good memories.

And so as I ran around the loop, I remembered each fond memory, thanked the space for providing me with a lot of smiles, and secretly kept looking for that lost tooth.


A stretch to end the run with Abe

Sunday- Run Together

There are a lot of things Steven and I do together: we eat pizza, play Call of Duty, watch sports, play tennis…wear matching onesies.

Then, there are a few things we do not do together: I do not go hunting with Steven (and I beg him not watch the Outdoor Channel when I’m around), he doesn’t watch My 600 lb Life with me, or any TLC show for that matter (although I can sneak the occasional Say Yes to the Dress), I do not eat hamburger helper with him and he does not run with me.

My schedule is more flexible than Steven’s and I like to squeeze in workouts or runs where I can (normally early or right after work.) I’m totally fine with this: like I’ve said before, I love doing things on my own, meeting new people and just having some time to think. But when I asked Steven to run a 5K with me on Sunday, I was elated when he said “yes.”

It was a “low-key” race meaning no medals, no crazy refreshments or packet pick up. Just register, pay $5 and run. And that is exactly what we did.


How do people take non-blurry running shots!?

The run was hosted by the DC Road Runners and was along the C&O Towpath at Carderock. It was a brisk morning but had a late enough start that the crazy morning chill had subdued a bit. We ran at a slow pace, enjoying the scenery and the company. I loved it!

In the end, a man cheering told us to “push each other to the finish!”

Steven proceeded to shoved me to the side of the path.

“Not that kind of PUSH!”

Steven is always supportive of my crazy endeavors and dreams. He is always there to support me. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of fun adventures with him.

But this one might have been one of my favorites.

Happy Tri-ing!


  1. OneDizzyBee says

    Whew, for a minute there you had me fooled. I thought you were going to start waxing poetic about the runner’s high. Thank god you didn’t. I firmly believe this is a myth. The only thing I have ever experienced after attempting to run is nausea. Along with a renewed determination never to run again 😉

    Love this post, though, and admire your grit and positivity. Inside your head sounds like an insanely fun place to be. Plus, you two are adorbs in your matching onesies!


    • Hahaha, you know me, I’m not capable of waxing poetic about anything!

      I believe in the runner’s high even though I’ve never experienced it myself (you know, its like unicorns!) I have had runs where I just feel amazing but not “high” quite yet (I’m not sure runner’s high is legalized in DC).

      The matching onesies are amazing! I highly recommend them.


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