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Let’s kick…I mean PUNCH some butt!

A few weeks ago while doing some very important internet research on Facebook (ok…I was looking to make some treats on Buzzfeed Tasty videos…ok, I was compiling the recipes to make for book club…ok  FINE, I was just watching the videos while eating cookies) and I came across a post from one of my favorite people, Mrs. Warden.

Mrs Warden is the mama to one of my best friend’s, Matt, and has lovingly put up with our antics for the past decade. The Warden home is always welcoming and I can always count on a being greeted with a warm loving smile and an ever warmer cookie. Mrs Warden (and Mr. Warden!) are fabulous.

Anywho,  I noticed she had recently been checking in very regularly at TITLE Boxing Club in Springfield, VA. I commented on one of her Facebook “check-ins” and before I knew it, I had an invite to her next class!

And then I invited my mom.

And then Mrs. Warden invited Matt.

And then I invited Steven.

TITLE boxing

The gangs all here!

And so in a strange chain of invites (and peer pressure), we had a group and a little date to go PUNCH some butt.

We arrived at TITLE Boxing Club 20 minutes before class started, as advised by Mrs. Warden. The friendly staff was more than ready to help us sign some paper work, buy our hand-wraps, put on said wraps, and get oriented with the gym. Our first class was free, which was awesome. The only thing we had to buy was our hand wraps…which I was more than willing to do considering wearing someone else’s sweaty hand wraps wasn’t something I was mentally prepared to do.

My mom was a little nervous; she is pretty active but like the rest of us, hadn’t boxed in awhile…or ever. Luckily the staff put our mind at ease and gave us a good idea of what we would be doing. I cannot express how great they were. I find that some specialty fitness classes can be intimidating or unwelcoming…but that was not the case here. They made me feel like I had been working out there for ages!

TITLE Boxing Bags

Image courtesy of TITLE Boxing Club, Springfield Campbell

The workout consisted of 8 rounds. Each round had some bag work (a combination of punches) and then some body strength training: sit ups, squats, mountain climbers, scissor kicks, jumping jacks…I’m getting tired just recapping!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It felt awesome taking out some pent out aggression on the bag (it had been a tough week!) and I was starting to feel like my girl Ronda Rousey!

Until round 3. I’d like to consider myself in decent shape but I haven’t felt that exhausted in a very long time. My once Rousey-like punches turned into two little noodles barely skimming the bag. By round 8, I was barely moving.

Meanwhile, I looked at the bag next to me and my mom is doing awesome!


She’s so cute!

In fact, there were so many people doing awesome. I loved this class because everybody had a different BODY, aka there wasn’t a certain type of person that took this class. The instructor did a great job of motivating without intimidating and everyone was welcome to do variations on certain movements which helped cater to each unique individual. It was beautiful!

After another 10 minutes of core work, the finally bell rang. Thank goodness.

We were all figuratively, dead. I was sore for the following 3 days.

If you are thinking of going, but I’ve scared you away, don’t worry! Owner of TITLE Boxing, Springfield, Sam Heaps, gives the REAL scoop.

Sam’s top 7 things he wants you to know about coming to a TITLE Boxing session

1. Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t boxed before!  We will teach you what you need to know about boxing and kickboxing so that you get a great workout but to also do it safely.

2. We are not a fight club.  You will not get punched in the face.  You WILL experience authentic boxing and kickboxing training that involves the training that many of the world’s best boxers do.

3. The mixture of endurance cardio, anaerobic cardio, and resistance training make TITLE workouts the perfect conditioning program!

4.  You’re getting PERSONAL TRAINING in a group setting.  Our trainers will motivate and push the pace the entire workout.

5. In each Power Hour workout, you will get a full body workout.  Many people think it’s just an upper body workout or just a cardio workout and so on.  But in every workout, you’ll focus on legs, core, upper body muscles, the cardiovascular system and more.

6.  In addition to the physical and health benefits, I’ve been amazed at the increases in members’ confidence levels.  They feel better about themselves because 1. they feel & look healthier  2. they have an increased ability to defend themselves.  Knowing how to throw a powerful jab, cross, lead hook, cross combo does wonders for someone’s belief that they can defend themselves or their family.

7.  We enjoy getting to know people here.  Our team will ask you how your day is going, how your progressing to your goals, how we can help you get you to your results.  Here at TITLE, you won’t be a number, you’ll be a member of the TITLE family.

I can attest to all of the above! A huge thanks to TITLE Boxing in Springfield, Sam Heaps* and GM Luis Malpartida** for a unforgettable work out and contribution to this post!

TITLE Boxing, Springfield
Sessions: Check what is available here
Tips: Eat a little something a good amount of time before hand and bring a squeeze water bottle so you can drink with the gloves on! If you can bring your own gloves, you can save yourself the pleasure of wearing borrowed ones:-)

Happy Tri-ing!

*Sam’s background is in the boxing/kickboxing world.  He is a former baseball and basketball player.  Through training as an athlete and working as a personal trainer, he knew that TITLE was the right business to get involved in.  He began training in boxing only 4 years ago, right before he opened the clubs.  He finds himself learning more and more each day; staying motivated through seeing my own results and the results of his hard hitting members!

**Luis grew up playing soccer and working with athletes through various jobs. He started this world of Boxing /Kickboxing with TITLE Boxing Club 3 years ago while looking for an internship through studying Sport Management at George Mason University. After graduating he moved into the General Management role running two kickboxing classes a week along with Personal Training.




  1. Fight Quality says

    Great to hear you all enjoyed boxing. If you ask us, more people should try it!


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