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Tri-ing to Go Viral

I figured it was time for an update on my MoveForStJude movement.

For those of you just tuning in, I started #MoveForStJude as a way to raise money as a St Jude Hero for the Rock N Roll DC half marathon. I asked people to dedicate a workout, a day, a song…whatever they put effort into and post it social media using the hashtag #MoveForStJude. If they did this and donated $2 or more, I would feature them on Just Tri It Once! It has been amazing to see the submissions and the hashtag floating around!

I will say that I thought starting a social movement would be simple. After all, there are like a million internet famous cats and hover board fails out there…so I thought, how hard could it be?

At times, I felt like this.

Other times, I felt like this.

And although I am no cute-british-baby who bit his brother’s finger (and it really hurt!) things have been going well! I’m happy to report that in a matter of 7 days from launching the campaign, I had raised 90% of the funds. The goal was then exceeded in mid-december and I couldn’t be happier.

Except that I CAN!

In addition to reaching the goal, I also developed partnerships with two amazing groups who are continuing to #MoveforStJude and spread the movement.

T.A.N.K (Together Achieving National Kindness)

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My long time basketball teammate, Kiara Williams, founded TANK last year after searching for a way to carry out her late grandfather’s legacy. The aim of this amazing non-profit is to spread positivity through social media and community activism and I was incredibly thankful they chose #MoveForStJude as their social media campaign for December. Kiara and TANK pledged to donate $2 on behalf of any TANK member who participated in the movement. I am so thankful for this partnership and am excited to continue seeing the amazing things this organization can do!

Dickinson Women’s Lacrosse

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As a Dickinson Women’s Lacrosse alumni, I reached out to Coach Kim Lowry to see if the current team would be interested in participating in #MoveForStJude. I knew they were hard at work (god bless preseason!) and thought it would be extra motivational if they players dedicated some of their workouts to the cause. What I got was so much more. Aside from participating, the team also created their own Instagram account (DWLMovesforJude) and also have plans to hold a dodgeball tournament to raise additional funds and awareness. I am so grateful for this team (in more than one way!) and love their participation for #MoveForStJude.

#MoveForStJude will continue until my race mid-march so please keep using the hashtag and tag me in your posts! @JustTriItOnce

You can also donate here!

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