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Yoga-ta be Stretchy… I mean I gotta be Stretchy

I’m one of the least flexible ladies  you will ever meet. In elementary school, the v-sit and reach was bane of my existence that lead to me failing the “Presidential Physical Fitness Test” year after year.


Can you imagine failing the “G” in this picture!?

Now, I’m finding that not only did my un-flexibleness destroy my childhood, but it’s also hindering my runs. I’ve done yoga in the past, (but never consistently) and have always felt amazing after.

So, I recently started doing some at home yoga and it has already made a world of difference both mentally and physically.

My studio is my dining room and my instructor is whoever I find on YouTube. I just go on the tube and search for the type of yoga I’m in the mood for and something always comes up (the magic of YouTube!)  For example, a month or two I started with this:

Then I started looking into some quick morning yoga…

Then I started doing cool down yoga after my runs…this is when I snapped this weird picture of me and Drake tree posing it.


Drake helping me out with one yoga sesh. #HotlineBlingmas

You get the idea.

So when my sister, Genie, asked my mom and me to take an aerial yoga class, I was pumped!

If you haven’t heard of aerial yoga, it is basically doing yoga…in the air (I know, I have such a way with words.) Aerial yoga uses a silk hammock (and good ole’ gravity) to create fluid movements and assists (and revamps) traditional yoga poses.


Not surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of studios that offer aerial yoga, but Genie was awesome enough to get us 3 reservations at Spark Yoga…actually we only got 2 reservations and a #1 spot on the waiting list, but someone cancelled so Genie got to “hang” around (see what I did there?) with us. It was a Christmas Miracle!

Our class began with a quick tutorial on the studio and silk hammock we would be using and after that, we were off!

We started off simple: sitting in the hammock, pulling on the fabric.. then progressed to putting all of our weight in the fabric and really trusting the hammock…then we moved to utilizing the hammock to get deeper stretches out of simple movements…


we got to this!

This pose opened my lungs and stretched my quad like I have never felt. It was amazing.

Aside from getting to float around in the air, I also found myself being able to do traditional yoga poses that I normally struggle with, much easier in the hammocks and just felt really free. Also, as corny as it sounds I felt beautiful. Some of the poses reminded me of photographs of dancers in mid-air. I loved it!

I wish I could have documented all the great poses we did, but taking photos throughout the class was prohibited. I will tell you though that after, I felt like I had just been to the chiropractor (as Genie said I would) and had a great time with my mom and sister.

Also, the shavasana was so cool: we laid on our backs, enitrely inside our hammocks and were gently swung (if we wanted to) while we closed our eyes and and listened to our breath.

I felt like I was in Tarzan sleeping in the jungle amongst the trees!


Long story short, I’m thinking cirque du soleil might come recruiting me after this class.

Spark Yoga
Schedule: Check here!
Reservations required! They book up quick (remember, only 7 spots)
Tips: Wear leggings (they ask that you only wear solid colors…I’m guessing maybe people get dizzy?) and shirts that cover your under arms. Leave your jewelry at home (they don’t want anything snagging on their hammocks…or for your ear lobes to get ripped off…) and bring a friend! This was an awesome experience to have with my best friends 🙂
Spark Yoga also offers hot yoga and barre!

Happy tri-ing!





  1. AH! I’ve never been to a yoga class that uses a silk hammock! That looks really fun. I like your idea of doing yoga after runs. I always have good intentions to do that and then I forget D:

    But I did see a super cute yoga mat at Ross the other day that was something like splatter paint… Maybe I’d be inspired if I went back for it lol.


    • It was so fun! I highly recommend it, ESPECIALLY for the running benefits!

      and yessss- fun yoga mats/gear is part of the motivation:-)


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  3. Ughhh, I have many memories of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, haha. I’d always crap out on the mile time and my inability to do sit-ups (sigh), but I’d do reallyyy well on push-ups and the flexed arm hang! 😛

    Aerial yoga looks like a ton of fun, and that’s so awesome that your mom and sister came with you! I dabble in pole + aerial silks/hoop whenever I get the chance to, so I feel like I’d really like this too! My closet pipe dream may or may not = being a cirque du soleil performer! ;P


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