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Inside My Brain during an Outside Run

For the past two and a half months, I have been training for my half marathon, covering just under 100 miles, enduring a few pesky injuries and some crazy warm weather. Since we’ve gotten pretty close over the past few months, I’ve decided to give you some real details. Here are my running thoughts.

5:05 PM: Here I am about to start my run.

For all of you reading this, you might think this is the “start” but a lot has happened to get up to this point. I woke up in the morning, had to put on pants (this is probably the most trying part of the day), commute to work, work, commute home, take off pants that took so much effort to put on in the morning only to put on a different kind of functioning “pants” and then snap this photo.

5:07 PM: Now, I am sitting on the couch contemplating whether it is too dark to run.

IMG_4493 (1)
I might get hit by a car. I might get kidnapped. I might get hit by a deer. I might step on one of those spiky balls that one of the houses I pass never sweeps away, slip and get concussed. I might freeze to death. I might pass a really cute dog…so cute that I stop running to pet it, steal it, and then go to jail. All of these things could ruin my life. Do  I really want to risk it all for a little run?

5:10 PM: None of those things have happened in the past 2 months (with exception to slipping on a spiky ball, damn those non-sweeping neighbors) so I should probably go.

5:12 PM: Ok, I’m ready!

Oh wait- I need my keys.

5:16 PM: Ok, now I’m ready.


Oh shoot, my lights.

5:17 PM: Ok, finally ready.


Wait, where did I put my keys?


5:18 PM: Ok, keys and lights check…here I go.


Mile 1
5:20 PM: This feels pretty good!
Dangit.I hate this stoplight. I have to keep running in place or else I’ll lose momentum. I wonder if people think I look silly. They don’t know I’ve just started this run, for all they know, I could be on my 17th mile. Stop judging me! Why are people such jerks, I mean, I didn’t even do anything to them and…oh look! My cross sign.

5:22 PM: I hate this road. Its first the first mile of my run and it just makes me tired. Also, it is pretty well lit so people must think I’m super lame for wearing these blinking lights. What should I have for dinner tonight?


Mile 2-4
5:30 PM: Turning onto the Clarendon strip. I hope I don’t see anyone I know. I hope they are handing out those free samples of pizza. I hope it is still mostly down hill…it was yesterday.

5:38 PM: GET OUT OF MY WAY PEOPLE. Why do you think sidewalks are for standing?! I’m trying to run.

Stop being so irrational, Sunnie. I mean, you did decide to run in a overpopulated strip of Arlington when there are so many other roads. You are being mean, calm down- MOVE! What was I saying?

5:45 PM: Feeling good! This pace feels fast and right. (Gentleman in his late 50’s passes  me). Dangit.


Last miles:
6:02 PM: Remember that Shake Shack burger you had on Saturday? Man that was delicious. Maybe I should get it tomorrow? Maybe not. Shake shack for lunch 2/3 days probably isn’t great for you. But you are running which means you are invincible to Shake Shack badness….I don’t think thats true actually…and I don’t think “badness” is a word. It should be a word. It’s a good one.

6:10 PM: Almost home.

Ugh, I just got so tired. Every time. Every time I’m close to the end, I just feel like collapsing. This is the worst. Maybe you should sprint the last quarter mile, then you’ll get home faster. Yes, perfect plan.

6:11 PM: Nope, nope…horrible idea. Damnit. Welp, you’ve committed so just keep going.


6:13 PM: Home. *Pant Pant Pant* Thank goodnesss *Pant Pant Pant*Am I dead? *Pant Pant Pant* Never again.


6:14 PM: That actually felt ok. Better than yesterday. *Pant* I actually feel amazing. I’m glad I did that.

5:17 PM: Must take pants off…

Plan for tomorrow: Repeat above.
Happy Tri-ing!




  1. Caroline says

    You are too cute! I like to view the housing decor in my neighborhood on walks, but usually my mind is off trying to organize my life. Also I’m glad you wear a light! Where did you get it?


    • sunnieko21 says

      I find my brain also drifting to some life-things as well but as soon as I get tired, I have to focus on pushing through. I sort of enjoy leaving the real world if only for a brief 30-40 minutes haha.

      I LOVE my lights! I got them at pacers- I can pick you up some if you want, they are right next to my apartment!


  2. Hi, I found you via The Book Blogger. I’ve often thought perhaps I should try a run, now you’ve convinced me… not to! I love the way you delivered that piece. Best wishes, X


    • sunnieko21 says

      Haha! Thank you– I’ve found running to be one of the hardest and rewarding physical experiences I’ve had but totally worth it. You’ll really entertain yourself reflecting on the things you think of while running…and if you don’t entertain yourself, you can just read this post again, haha. Thank you for visiting!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AH! I LOVE your blog.

    This minute-by-minute post cracked me up. Especially the part where you forget your keys multiple times because I do this every time I go on a run haha.

    Then I worry the entire time I’ll lose them on my run even if they are totally secure.

    Anyway… I tried to fix my comment box but I don’t know if it showed up yet :/ Any ideas?


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes! Keys are a huge issue! Sometimes I spend times on the run trying to figure out how I can invent something to solve this issue and then take it on shark tank to make millions! Than I start thinking of how scary it would be to BE on shark tank, I get anxiety and then I just quit thinking all together 🙂

    I still don’t see it the comment box unfortunately- have you enabled commenting on your site? See Settings–> Discussion.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OneDizzyBee says

    You are hilarious and adorable, and you make me both want to run and not want to run! I’m an old(ish) lady embarking on some lifestyle changes for a healthier 2016, so I really need to consider some form of exercise. But the pants thing may be a dealbreaker!


    • Trust me- it took me awhile to get over the hump of putting pants on but my body thanks every day that I do! You can do it!!

      Thanks for visiting 🙂


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  7. Oh my gosh, LOVE this! So much fun reading. I’ve had so many of those thoughts myself. Glad I’m not the only one! Way to go for starting to run. It’s not easy, but so worth it!


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  9. Love your photos! Encouraging to know that you go through the same “self questioning” before a run as I do…but persistence pays off! Keep up the great – work and blogging!


  10. Oh my goodness. You are hilarious!!!! I’m not a runner, but I LOVED your post. The section about how you were considering having another burger made me lol. Very well written post 🙂


  11. Same here! Just found your blog through Blogelina! I have to say that was pretty funny! I have to agree on some of that. I too worry that it’s too dark outside and I may get run over but that’s probably my brain trying to sabotage my run….
    You just keep running girl! Don’t worry about those old men passing you! They have that old-man strength.


  12. This post had me chuckling quite a bit! I like your humor and have subscribed. I do like seeing people with a great sense of humor. Nice to meet you! – Angela


  13. Your thoughts are very similar to my own when I’m working out. Loved reading this post; so encouraging for my own triathlon training I’m about to begin!


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