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A Guide to Resolution Solutions

I can’t believe it either– it is nearing the end of 2015!

I had two resolutions for 2015: to learn how to tap dance and to complete a triathlon. I’m happy to report I’ve done both.


Nation’s Triathlon 2015 (Photo Credit: Sarah Wickizer)

Knowing how to tap dance has always been a dream of mine. I love the rhythmic sounds and how indisputably cool everyone looks when they dance. I talked about it so long, in fact, that my two roommates at the time, bought me tap shoes for my birthday.*


*After getting a “surprise” wisdom teeth extraction without being put to sleep, my roommates felt extremely sympathetic for my bloody mouth and painful teeth holes…so they gave me my birthday present early. I opened the box to find a a shiny pair of Capezio Mary Jane style tap shoes. I immediately felt better, put them on and started clanking around our kitchen, a poor idea considering an increased heart rate boosted the amount of blood coming out of my teeth holes. I smiled at them and watched blood splash onto the floor and my new shoes.

After my traumatic wisdom teeth extraction and exciting shoe gift,  I signed myself up at The Joy of Motion in Friendship Heights and took a 6 week course. It was the best thing EVER. After my beginner class, I’m happy to report I graduated to advance beginner. I never actually ended up looking remotely cool while doing it, but my tap shoes are still my favorite pair of shoes in my closet.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.38.13 PM

Kitten heels are back!

So what in 2016 can top tap dancing?!

That remains unclear but I do have a few habit changing resolutions I’ll share with you in a bit. I was planning on saving this post until closer to January 1 but the more I thought about it,the more it made sense to post it now. After all, if you are going to commit to do something for 365 days, you should probably spend a week or two mulling it over. In 2014, I said my resolution was not not eat McDonalds. I’m fairly certain I made that resolution at 11:45 PM on the 31st  of December after many glasses of champaign and busting one too many dance moves… Needless to say, I was McDonaldsless for about 36 days.

So how can you be successful in your own resolutions? Here is how I’ve done it in the past.

1. Make a list of potential resolutions: Don’t over think it, let your brain spill all of your good ideas and bad ideas (like no McDonalds) onto a piece of paper.

2. Make yourself a sandwich. We all do our best thinking with a full tummy.

3. Eat the sandwich.

4. Pick 3 favorite ideas and ask yourself “why?”: Knowing why you are doing something is the most important step in completing it. Take your “why” and make THAT the resolution so you always remember why it is worth working for. For example. Did you write down you want to lose weight? Why? Because you want to be healthier? Because you want to complete a race? Because you want to be able to run with your kids?  Because you want your clothes to fit better? Choose one of those and move forward with step 5.

5. Quantify: Setting a number(s) to a goal is a great way to gauge progress and completion. Numbers are great because they are black and white: you either hit it or you didn’t. Let’s say you chose “being healthier” for your resolution. To quantify it, you might say

  •  I will only eat out 2 times a month
  • I will make 5 meals a week
  • I will work out 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes
  • I will participate in 2 races this year

Select 1-3 of those “mini” goals. These will help make your overarching resolution (in this example, “being healthier) seem more manageable.

6. Game Plan: Write out how you plan on achieving each of your quantified goals. How do you plan on making 5 meals? By grocery shopping on Sundays? By meal prepping? Be specific but give yourself room to be flexible. Life happens and you won’t be perfect…nothing ever is! But you can still make your resolutions real. Be like the palm tree: deeply rooted but flexible enough to move with the hard gusts of wind. 

7. Be Brave and Do it: Resolutions can be scary. Take it day by day, commit, and remember WHY you are doing what you are doing. Don’t be afraid of failure but do not accept it.

SO what are my resolutions for 2016? Here you go!

  1. Finish in the top third of my age group for the Nation’s Triathlon, Philadelphia Triathlon and Rock and Roll Half Marathon. 
    Why: Because I know for me, races and competitions are the best motivator for me to consistently work out and live a healthier lifestyle. I have finished in the top half in the past and know that if I push myself, I can move up to the top third.
    How: Follow a planned workout regime that is 4 times a week with a flexible 3 days and cook dinners  5x a week as well as lunch 4x . I also want to meet other athletes via my social media outlets to learn from their experience and use mutual motivations (I have quantified ways to do this, but I won’t bore you!)
  2. Participate in #52NewThings: Trying 1 new thing I have never done before every week.
    Why: I think one of my gifts is that I am not afraid to make a fool out of myself and lose my dignity. Why not take advantage of this skill and experience as much as I can! Also, this blog IS called Just TRI it once 🙂
    How: Planning a loose “theme” for each of the 52 weeks (to be posted soon!), I will break the weeks up monthly and will partake in an activity that falls into the theme. If something better comes up during the week, I’ll forgo the “plan” and just DO!
  3. No Phones in the Bed Room (Thanks to my big sissy, Genie for suggesting this one last year!)
    Having began blogging a few months ago, I find myself frequently on my phone: I’m updating Instagram, responding to followers, jotting down ideas for posts…it is SO fun but also consuming. I want to make sure I leave time for myself to enjoy reading, hanging out with Steven and just living technology free….if only before I go to sleep and after I wake up 😉
    How: The phone will not enter the Bed Room! I will invest in a clock to and a real alarm!

What are your goals for 2016? Have other tips? Comment below!

Happy Tri-Ing!


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