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I’m Hooked On-The-Line

One of the reasons I started this blog was to give myself a new and productive hobby. This year, I found myself watching a lot of T.V after work and just wanted to do something….You know what I do now?

I’m on-the-line a lot.

This blog has got me all sorts of internet addicted. What kinds of things do I look at, you ask? Well, I look up a lot of DIY projects (especially since it is the holiday time), A LOT of recipes, I read fitness and lifestyle blogs and I watch youtube vlogs, many of which do not pertain to me at all, I just like how well done they are (like did I really need to watch an 11 minute video on how to dye my hair pink?)

Do you know how much stuff is out there in internet-land?? Ya, me either! Its HUGE.

But just like anything else, I do have my go-to spots for all of my life needs, so check out my favorite internet spaces.

For Recipes:

Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything website

Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything website

This is a big one I get asked about a lot. There are a million recipes for anything you want to make and I’ve found that simpler, the better. Not only is it better because it is less work (although that is a big perk) but I think you actually learn how to cook better from a basic recipe; you learn small skills like how to make a rue, deglaze a pan, proper temperatures for your oven etc.

Real Simple: Great for anything really. Make sure to read the reviews as people will offer great alternatives to certain ingredients or help customizing taste.

The Skinny Fork: I like this one for a lighter fare or healthier takes on my favorite comfort foods.

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Simple recipes (including baking) and also a kick ass blog title.

For Fitness:
There are so many fitness blogs out there and for me, a lot of them are convoluted with too many sponsored posts, professional pictures of oily rock hard abs and not enough grit. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading reviews on products and classes (and seeing impressive bods!) but sometimes I just want to relate to someone, get inspired and get lost in someone else’s journey.

Sweat and Repeat

Go Rachael! Credit Sweat and Repeat

Sweat and Repeat: Rachael tries tons of new fitness studios in the LA area via Class Pass and gives great summaries of her experience. I actually had my very first lacrosse experience with Rachael in middle-school! She’s da bomb, check her out.

The Fit Crasher: Like Sweat and Repeat, The Fit Crasher also chronicles her fitness experiences around NYC (used to be DC!) and also does product reviews. I also really dig her writing.

For vlogs
For some reason I’m really into make-up and hair vlogs right now even though I rarely do my make-up or hair. I think I’m just impressed with the precision and also the concept of vlogs in general. Hoping I can tackle them one day!

From Head to Toe
: Jen is seriously adorable, gorgeous and easy to follow along. She has vlogs on everything from make-up to menstrual cups (eeeeks, did I just say that?)

The Small Things Blog: Kate is also adorable (maybe that is a prerequisite for being a vlogger? hope not!) I’ve tried a bunch of her up-dos and they are so simple and look awesome. I would definitely recommend if you are looking to do your own hair for an upcoming wedding.

There is only one place for DIY….

Comment below on some of your favorite blogs! I’d love to check them out.

Happy Tri-ing!


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