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10 Ways to Stay Fit this Winter

Before I get into the list….

Happy 10th-post blogaversary! A 10th-post blogaversary is like a good slice of pizza: it makes you happy, it can be sweet, it awakens your senses, it can be a little bit cheesy, doughy, bold, saucy…wait, now I’m just talking about pizza… It is a very significant thing in my eyes (or mouth if we are still talking about pizza.)

And so in honor or my 10th-post blogaversary, I will share with you my favorite top 10 ways to stay fit during the winter…and disclaimer, they are my favorite because I wrote them.

Top 10 Ways to Stay Fit During the Winter

Blog Winter Photo

Workout when its cold and you never know what your friends will deliver to you 😉 this is 100% real by the way.

  1. Workout in the Morning
    If you haven’t noticed, the sun is setting at like 2:00 PM which means you’ll feel like going to bed shortly after your lunch break. Wake up a little earlier and get your workout done in the morning: you’ll most likely see it getting lighter outside as you go, instead of feeling like you are working out at 11 PM. This also leaves you room to go to bed right after you come home from work!


  2. Always Remember that you are Getting Ahead of the New Year’s Resolution Crowd
    We’re less than a month out from New Years where everyone decides to kick it into gear, get fit, lose weight etc. Soon, you and everyone’s mother will be at the gym, it’ll be crowded and you’ll be less motivated to go. Start now so you get in good habits, beat out the New Years crowd and have a better chance of lasting past January 4th.

  3. Map out Free Classes
    I’m not sure where you live so this may not be that easy (especially for my one reader in Alaska,) but if you are near any city, I guarantee there are a million free fitness classes near you. Whether it be a weekly class (like Nike Training Club) or a free trial (like Core Yoga who gives 1 week of free classes to newbies) you can definitely take advantage of trying new workouts, spicing things up and meeting new people without burning your bank account.  If you are in DC, I suggest checking out Active Life DC.

  4. Eat Clean
    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cheat meal every once in awhile (just a minute ago, I had to wipe of some of McDonalds fry grease off my keyboard) but the winter months are truly a dangerous time to binge eat unhealthy foods. Seasonal depression along with bad foods will make you feel lethargic, tired and sad. Incorporate lots of fresh veggies and fruits into your diet, keep a stash of healthy snacks around and intake some good protein. Now I’ll get back to those fries…

  5. Get some Good Winter Gear
    Yes, it is cold during the winter (unless you are somewhere where it is warm all time, in which case I can’t believe you made it to #5 on the “How to Keep fit during the winter” list). Having some quality clothing to get you through the wet, the wind and the cold will definitely make your winter workouts more enjoyable and who doesn’t love a good fleece? Check out Patagonia who is having a 50% off past season items through December 10th or

  6. Drink A Lot of Water
    I have been drinking SO much water in the past few months and it has really made such a difference. Aside having to go potty every 20 minutes, my skin looks better, I’ve lost weight and I don’t feel like crashing mid way through the day. But I know that since it has gotten colder, I’ve drank less water. Keep in mind that in the winter, your body is still very prone to dehydration even if you aren’t  yearning for a cold glass of water like in the summer- if you have dry skin, get nose bleeds or have coughing fits it may mean you need more water. It is, after all, essential! It also helps you regulate your consumption of food. The more hydrated you are, the better your body regulates feeling hungry.

  7. Take the Hard Way
    I find that during the winter, I often lean toward the easiest way to do…anything. Instead of walking from the metro to home, I’ll wait an extra 30 minutes for a bus that will drop me off… basically on my couch. I’ll take the elevator when I could take the stairs. Make the extra effort to stay on top of moving as much as you can since you probably are moving less than you would on a gorgeous spring day. It can make the difference.

  8. Invest in a Fitness Tracker
    I love fitness trackers- It is a way fun to compete against friends, to see how hard your body works during workouts and to see what kind of sleep you are getting. I especially love fitness trackers during the winter because it can remind you how much you aren’t moving as well which can be really motivational. Put one a holiday gift list and you won’t be sorry. I’m currently using the jawbone  which is on sale now with Groupon!

  9. Make an “Excuse” jar/list
    I am the queen of making up excuses for not working out. Fortunately, I’m good at talking myself out of them…thats right, I make excuses for my excuses. They can range from legitimate ones like “My achilles feels like its about to tear” to more pathetic ones like “well…I worked out 3 days ago…”
    I keep a running list on my phone of excuses I come up with. When i have another, I go to the list and add it. You would be amazed at the number of times that “it’s too cold, I might catch a cold!” The list gets long but it makes me realize exactly how silly they are. Soon, you’ll find your list to stop growing and you’ll just get out there and go.

  10. Remember How Good it Feels
    Working out can really be satisfying, even if during the workouts where you feel like dying. Always remember key moments in workouts: times you reached a new PR, did one more burpee, felt strong, looked strong… they will always be the best motivation for you.

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet to check out my #MoveForStJude movement, click here! The campaign will be going on through March 2016.

Happy Tri-ing ya’ll!

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