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And the Bloggie Award goes to….

ME! (Cue award ceremony music.) I’d like to thank all the little people…and big people….actually, all sized people, really, for their support in my journey to receiving this award. But more importantly, I’d like to give a special (and REAL) thank you to OneDizzyBee for the nomination. The blogging world has been an awesome community to become… Continue reading And the Bloggie Award goes to….

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Yoga-ta be Stretchy… I mean I gotta be Stretchy

I’m one of the least flexible ladies  you will ever meet. In elementary school, the v-sit and reach was bane of my existence that lead to me failing the “Presidential Physical Fitness Test” year after year. Now, I’m finding that not only did my un-flexibleness destroy my childhood, but it’s also hindering my runs. I’ve done… Continue reading Yoga-ta be Stretchy… I mean I gotta be Stretchy

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Inside My Brain during an Outside Run

For the past two and a half months, I have been training for my half marathon, covering just under 100 miles, enduring a few pesky injuries and some crazy warm weather. Since we’ve gotten pretty close over the past few months, I’ve decided to give you some real details. Here are my running thoughts. 5:05 PM: Here… Continue reading Inside My Brain during an Outside Run

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A Guide to Resolution Solutions

I can’t believe it either– it is nearing the end of 2015! I had two resolutions for 2015: to learn how to tap dance and to complete a triathlon. I’m happy to report I’ve done both. Knowing how to tap dance has always been a dream of mine. I love the rhythmic sounds and how indisputably… Continue reading A Guide to Resolution Solutions

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10 Ways to Stay Fit this Winter

Before I get into the list…. Happy 10th-post blogaversary! A 10th-post blogaversary is like a good slice of pizza: it makes you happy, it can be sweet, it awakens your senses, it can be a little bit cheesy, doughy, bold, saucy…wait, now I’m just talking about pizza… It is a very significant thing in my eyes (or… Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Fit this Winter