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Just Tri a Photo Shoot

They’re here! They’re here!
This past Sunday, Steven and I cruised into DC to meet my very talented uncle and his beautiful family for a morning photo shoot followed by a delicious DC brunch. My Uncle Mike, or UnKO as I’ve come to call him, has always been an amazing photographer (and uncle). As a child, he would always linger around important (and unimportant) events behind the lens of a camera, capturing priceless moments through his art. No matter how awkward we were, UnKo Mike always improved our look through his amazing vision and editing skills. Our family photos were gorgeous. Our homecoming photos always looked like magazine ads, even if they were for nasty glittery dresses or shiny silver braces.

Anyways, here are some of the finished products!

This was my first blog shoot (as I’m sure my awkward faces will show you) but it definitely won’t be the last. We chose the Lincoln memorial as a meeting place which ended up being a great place to shoot. My uncle scouted out a few places with good lighting that made for some nice head shots and DCesque pictures. I will say that taking photos while tourists look on thinking you are important is pretty fun!

The action shots were the hardest to post for as my normal running face is pretty unappealing…yes even more so than the ones captured above. Fitness photos aren’t easy to take and I have a new found respect for those who do it well! I’ll keep looking on and taking notes.

After I was done, my aunt Michelle also asked Steven and I to take some photos for “practice.” What we were practicing for…still unclear… 😉

For the record, we are definitely aren’t a great duo of photo takers. For example…

devon's weddingHalloweenCaroline's WeddingSteven at the Lake

So when my aunt asked Steven to drape his arms around me for a nice, posed picture, I was shocked when these came out…


But then I saw the series of photos that led to them…and it made a lot more sense. So, let it be known that the above photos were not a result of being photogenic. They were a result of post-uncontrollable laughter because I could feel how uncomfortable Steven was during the pose…


At least we got 1 for the books and a great memory!

A HUGE thanks to my amazing UnKO and Aunt Michelle (and my patient cousins Allison and Justin!) for a great Sunday!

If you are in the market for an amazing photographer, check out Mike Ko Photography, and follow him on Instagram: @Mikekophotography.
You won’t be disappointed!

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