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To Cheese or not to Cheese…

There is something about working out with a bunch of sweaty strangers that brings me some weird sense of happiness, and this past week, I was very happy. After running across a very helpful website, I was able to workout with some great people and try a few new classes in the D.C area, for free. It took some serious motivation (a few 5 AM wake-ups) and a lot of hard work but I ended the week feeling awesome and ready to continue my journey tri-ing new experiences.

So let’s talk about that very helpful website called Active Life DC. Like everything else worth reading on the internet, I found this site on Facebook. It is a great resource that lays out free classes going on all over D.C , hiking trails for the weekend and elaborates on more specific categories like running clubs and yoga under $10. Will you be able to make every class? No. Will the events being advertised be conveniently happening near you? Maybe not, but it gives you a great scope of all the health and wellness resources all around the city you can take advantage of if you want. It also helped me find the Nike Training Club.

It had been a true MONDAY: work had been especially tough and it was cold, rainy and depressing. I was tired and had a strong desire to stay home, eat my weight in cheese and watch T.V. So I asked myself- to cheese or not to cheese?  I battled with myself and finally said a heartfelt goodbye my Vermont cheddar, and headed out the door. I arrived at the Nike Store in Georgetown half an hour before class started and still found myself waiting outside in a line that wrapped around the corner of the store. After being checked in, I headed to a safe spot on the floor: not completely in the back but hidden enough to only be able to be judge by a few people.


The swanky store

Before class began, our instructors, Chris Perrin (@perrinpt) and Ingrid Nelson (@theingridnelson) told us there were only 2 rules; Don’t stop moving and have fun. I could deal with that.

The class was made up of  a series of, 1 minute exercises that we did by ourselves and then another series of 1 minute exercises that we did with a partner. Luckily, I happened to be standing next to a really nice young lady who agreed to partner up with  me. I had’t done partner exercises since I was in college, and even then it was with someone I was pretty close to, so you can imagine how horrified I was when I watched my sweat drip onto my new friend while I gave her resistance on her chest presses. She was nice enough about it…and was able to get pay back when it was my turn. It was a sweaty and tough experience but what was super unique about it was that there was a live DJ on site which meant there were unique mixes and beats bumpin’ the entire time… which I was obviously totally down with. Overall, it was a great workout and a really fun atmosphere– definitely coming back! There is also a Nike Training Club App (FREE) that you can download to get stronger during the week to prep for the upcoming class!


Ingrid and Chris putting my “muscles” to shame and the DJ photo bombing

Nike Training Club
Monday at 8:04 (yes, 8:04)- 9PM
Sign up required:
Tips: Bring water and towel but leave the rest! Since there are so many people there, they require you to check your bag. Not a biggie but leaving the non- essentials will make your exit swifter!

Happy Tri-Ing!

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