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An almond a leg

What a weekend!

Saturday was Laura’s Bridal shower. For her special day (not the special day, but certainly a special day) we decided to create a carnival wonderland to pay homage to the night Laura and Younes got engaged. I was lucky enough to witness that night and watch one of my best friends say “yes” the love of her life (and to her future) at the Virginia Beach carnival over memorial day weekend. Carnival, engagement, beach, and soft serve ice cream…that was a freakin’ great weekend.

After weeks of planning and lots of help from the bridesmaids and our mothers (thanks mom!) I pretty much think we nailed it! Cotton candy, popcorn machine (thanks Sarah!), candy bar (thanks Devon!), RIDICULOUS baked goods (holy butt, Emily…I will never get over how amazing they were!) photo booth….this carnival had it all! A HUGE shoutout to Caroline, the matron of honor, who put hours of planning, shopping and love into this party! Love you slime!


Congrats to two of my favs!

Sunday was my recovery day; a day to take care of lots of errands, prepare for the week ahead and relax. One of my largest tasks was getting rid of lots of old clothes. Steven and I went through all of our clothes a few weekends back and piled up everything we haven’t worn in awhile. I’ll tell you, theres nothing to make you feel more materialistic and greedy than seeing HOW many clothes you own but don’t wear. I have 4 or 5 bags of clothes we are donating and then 1 bag of clothes that I want to try to sell.

I’ve done a lot of research into places that buy back clothes but all of them seem like a lot of work with no promise of dolla dolla bills. Luckily, I stumbled across threadUp which sends you a bag, fo free, lets you pack and ship your clothes, again…fo free…and then pays you for the clothes they take and donates the rest of the clothes they don’t. Sounds easy enough! I’ll let ya know how it goes when I get my free bag!

After cleaning and grocery shopping, I was ready for a workout. I had been cooped up inside all of last week working out with youtube and Jillian Michaels and using canned vegetables as my weights. Well, I had used the tomatoes for dinner on Friday (chicken azteca!) so running outside was definitely on the agenda. My run felt great– 4.5 miles in around 39 minutes came in around 9 minutes/mile. Pretty good for having done nothing but lift canned vegetables for a week.

After the run was meal prep: I wanted to try some crock pot oatmeal for this week’s breakfast. My recipe called for 2 cups of almond milk…which I did not have…so I decided to make my own. The recipe was simple and worked out great.


That’s right…I milked an almond.

The leftover meal I had from the almonds seemed like a huge waste to throw out so tonight I made almond crusted salmon. I loved it and felt great using all parts of the almond. I plan on wearing the skins as a winter coat as well.

FullSizeRender (1)

This almond crusted salmon is easy, healthy and delish. I subbed the panko crumbs the recipe had for…more almonds because I didn’t have panko. I imagine it would have been crispier with the panko but whatevs! It was great. I made garlic-lemon spinach for it to sit on and even Steven liked them! I’ll count that as a win for a veggie Steven will eat!

If almonds got you as pumped as they got me, hold on to your hats. I’ve got black beans up the wazoo coming up!

Happy Tri-ing!

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