Month: October 2015

FALLin’ in love with Autumn

Call me basic, but I love Autumn. For one thing, I don’t begin sweating the second I walk outside. That alone makes Autumn the best season ever. But it gets so much better than lack of sweat! Lets not forget about the PUMPKINS! No, I’m not talking about PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, you alien!), or pies, or pudding. I LOVE pumpkins in their whole and wonderful form. I always look forward to heading out to the patch, searching around for the “perfect one” (I use perfect loosely…I’m always partial picking out the “weird” ones), figuring out what I want to carve, slicing it up and the BEST part…lighting it! Pumpkin patches always takes us out west where the air is a little crisper and you can actually see trees! Steven is from New England which means he thinks our Autumn is pretty pathetic…for some reason, our lackluster yellows and browns just don’t do it for him:) This year, we ventured out to Hollins Farm which I believe is a pretty popular pumpkin destination. My sister, mother and I …


Shoo fries, don’t bother me!

It has taken me 15 days to overcome the mental hurdle of getting out of bad habits or as it is more commonly known as, the why-did-I-decide-to-do-this-all-I-want-to-do-is-eat-a-brownie hurdle. Here is my 15 day before and after. I wouldn’t post this for anyone…you are lucky I like you so much. Hopefully you can tell the left is day 1 and the right is day 15. If not, you can keep reading! The point of this post isn’t weight loss (although that plays a small part in it) but instead, it is about a lifestyle change. It is about my Advocare 24 Day Challenge and how it has made me so much happier. I was a huge skeptic at first, but am so thankful I took the leap of faith. Since I (possibly like you) wasn’t seeing a HUGE difference in my appearance (which is, side note, insane to expect in 15 days) I decided to make a list of the things I’ve given up and compare them to the things I have gained since I’ve started my challenge. …


An almond a leg

What a weekend! Saturday was Laura’s Bridal shower. For her special day (not the special day, but certainly a special day) we decided to create a carnival wonderland to pay homage to the night Laura and Younes got engaged. I was lucky enough to witness that night and watch one of my best friends say “yes” the love of her life (and to her future) at the Virginia Beach carnival over memorial day weekend. Carnival, engagement, beach, and soft serve ice cream…that was a freakin’ great weekend. After weeks of planning and lots of help from the bridesmaids and our mothers (thanks mom!) I pretty much think we nailed it! Cotton candy, popcorn machine (thanks Sarah!), candy bar (thanks Devon!), RIDICULOUS baked goods (holy butt, Emily…I will never get over how amazing they were!) photo booth….this carnival had it all! A HUGE shoutout to Caroline, the matron of honor, who put hours of planning, shopping and love into this party! Love you slime! Congrats to two of my favs! Sunday was my recovery day; a day to take …